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 It is summer again already.

[Will sounds thoughtful and a little nostalgic today.]

At home, this used to be the time of year when all of my brothers and sisters were home. We helped with the yardwork and the garden.  And I went fishing and camping with my brothers a lot.

Sometimes I went out on bike rides to visit all the old churches around.  [A thoughtful pause.] There were rather a lot of them.  I had quite the collection of brass rubbings at home.

I wonder.... It might be fun to go out on a little adventure like that.  Nothing dangerous, like these expeditions I hear about.  Just some exploration and fun.
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You sound pretty young. I can understand wanting to have some summer fun, [though it isn't Bruce's thing, at all] but I think you should have some adult supervision, especially if you plan on being out over night.
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I'm not trying to baby you. [Bruce is somewhat apologetic, but still firm.] You're still very young, though. It's best, if you have someone there who can help you, in case there's an accident.

Are you issuing a castle-wide invitation? I guess your parents aren't here?
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I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're separated from them.

[Bruce breathes evenly, because the thought of this boy being taken from his family threatens to bring out his anger.]

There's a lot of people here. There must be a few, at least, who enjoy being outdoors for it's own sake...or even a survival exercise of some kind.
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What tasks are you hoping to complete?

[The boy sounds very serious and Bruce hopes no one is placing too heavy burdens on him.] I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the thought that someone has a "purpose" for me.

[It's almost enough to make Bruce volunteer.]

I'm sure something can be arranged.
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Those'd be useful skills to have...knowing when to act and what to say. I don't think they I know those things often enough. You don't talk like you're an ordinary young man.
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How are you different? Smarter? [It's something Bruce can relate to and sympathize with.]
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[Bruce winces in sympathy.]

I'm sorry. I know that's difficult. Just remember you're more defined by what you do, than what you are. Not being human doesn't have to be a bad thing.
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I'm not even going to claim to understand that. What law? Scientific law or man made laws?
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I know magic exists, but not much else. I'm better with science.
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[Bruce calls that force gravity, but he knows that's not what the boy means.]

People have called that force a lot of different things. Not to be skeptical, but this force tells you what and who you are and gives you some sort of duty? Sounds pretty intense for thirteen.

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That doesn't sound like it'd be easy to balance with going to school.

[The words are flippant, but his tone is sympathetic.]
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What about here? Is there a school here for the children?

[Bruce is still horrified at the idea of children being at the castle's whims.]
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That's...not really enough. Education is important.
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Anything is better than nothing. [Bruce grins wryly.] Do a lot of kids use the library?
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[Bruce relaxes some. Unless he plans on starting a school, which he doesn't, there's not much he can do. It's not as if he has any authority to get kids into class.]

Well, I'm glad some of them, at least, are learning. Is there a lot of things kids like to do here?

[He's not entirely sure what it is that kids like to do, honestly.]
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Good activities, but I don't see them appealing to most kids on a regular basis.
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Don't worry. Average is over-rated. I never could figure out what kids were thinking, when I was one.
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Well, of course. Children are people too.
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I would come.
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[There's a smile in her words that the can probably hear.] It would be fun. An adventure.
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That sounds like a good idea. Best to keep active and not dwell on... our current situation, right?
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That's a good outlook to have.
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How old are you?
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You're pretty mature for your age.