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Um. I found an egg in my room. Not a normal egg...apparently it's a baby. I-I need to find Nita Callahan? I'm sorry, but apparently the child is hers as well. Has this ever happened before? This is not like last year.
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[If a resident chooses to travel far away from the castle, they'll see a rare and rather cute sight! Bruce Banner has traveled far away from Paradisa and the nearby city and towns, heading into the farmland, though he's trying to avoid destroying crops. You won't see Banner, though! He has released the Hulk. Since no one has come forward to claim Hulk's puppy, Bruce has accepted the tiny thing as his, well, theirs. So, he's traveled away from people so the Hulk can have some playtime with their new friend.

Hulk is romping around with his puppy, which he has named Chewie...not after Chewbacca, but because of the puppy's tendency to chew on things. Bruce is sporting new shoes or will be, when he changes back.]
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[Bruce is sitting in the castle gardens, a puppy playing at his feet. He's not sure he wanted a puppy, but, thanks to the Hulk, he has one. Bruce just hopes Hulk didn't steal the puppy from someone. Bruce is going to find that out, before he lets himself get too attached or even names the little fella. Bruce cradles the puppy, keeping him from climbing down and mangling Bruce's journal.]

Um. Is anyone missing a puppy? I seem to have acquired one, thanks to the Other Guy. I mean, I don't mind having a puppy, but I have no idea where he came from. He seems to be either a lab or maybe a golden retriever? Um. Do a lot of people here have pets? What happens to them, when the castle starts playing games?
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[Bruce Banner went to sleep in his own bed, feeling only the vaguest sense of unease. He is never truly comfortable in the castle, knowing the games the castle likes to play. Holidays, he has learned the hard way, are worse. He's not exactly planning on fasting on Valentine's Day, but he is going to keep his food plain and simple. Of course, it won't surprise him, if the castle decides to spike the water.

What Bruce wasn't expecting was to wake up somewhere other than his own bed, but that is exactly what happens. Sitting up, he sees himself surrounded by forest and...not alone. Moaning, Bruce draws his knees to his chest, covering his face with his hands, while massaging his temples. This is just so not good!]

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[Bruce is in the labs, trying to do research on the bloater creature. He managed to get some spore samples, once the bloater was gone. He's hoping some people show up for treatment, so he can get more samples. Unfortunately, he falls asleep (or maybe falls unconscious) in the middle of his research. When he wakes up, something is definitely wrong. He feels heavy and bulky, in a strange way. Looking down, he feels a wave of horror. There's no mistaking the massive green body he's looking at. Somehow, he's become the Hulk, but retained his own personality! Carefully, Bruce finds and, with a bit of fumbling, opens his journal.]

Um. I have a problem. Somehow, I've become the Hulk, but mentally remained myself. I'm trying to do research on the bloater problem, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to operate lab equipment in this form. Hulk is massive! So, uh, don't be alarmed, if you see a large, green creature roaming the halls. ... I apologize, if I accidentally break anything.
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[Bruce is hiding in the labs...literally. He has no intention of leaving, unless it is necessary.]

I can not believe the sheer amount of mistletoe the castle has thrown at us. I'm going to be in my labs, if anyone needs me for anything. I don't mean to seem unaffectionate, but I'm not in that type of relationship with anyone. ... Other than just not leaving my lab, can anyone give me advice on avoiding this issue?
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[Bruce has been here for a few months, but hasn't really made any close friends, though that's hardly unusual for him. Still, Christmas is coming up and, well, it's as good a reason as any to try and socialize more.]

What are the usual traditions around here for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Are there communal dinners? I can't imagine the castle supporting something so...positive, but it does like twisting things.
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[Early in the evening on Halloween, Bruce emerges from his room...decked out in the full military dress uniform of the United States Army! He donned the costume reluctantly, but was Halloween and he doesn't feel like fighting the castle on such a small issue. He heads for the ballroom, intending to force himself to socialize and mingle. Besides, if anything goes wrong, he wants to be where he can help.]
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[Bruce is hiding in the clinic/his lab. He tends to do that, when he is stressed. Between the Gentlemen and the castle's recent tantrums, Bruce wants to just wrap himself in the nice, safe, sensible world of science and research. Of course, being in the clinic means seeing patients, too, but Bruce doesn't mind. Being helpful is one of his coping mechanisms.]
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Hi, everyone. So. Science at it's best is used to improve people's lives, making them easier and safer, while keeping us in balance with nature. Um. That was an unintentionally pretentious way of saying I want to use science to help people here.

I may not be able to get us home, but that doesn't mean life here can't be made better. So. Any suggestions? Is there anything you can think of that would make life here easier or better? Maybe something to help with the expeditions?
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Hi. I just want to let everyone know I'm at the clinic, if anyone needs me. I'm going to be helping out here from now on. Um. If I'm not in the main part of the clinic, you can probably find me in one of the research labs.

[Bruce is, in fact, in one of the research labs now. He's basically tinkering, running tests on the local plants and soil, comparing them to what he knows of Earth.]
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[Bruce is sitting outside, waiting for sunset. It's a calming ritual, usually. He watches the sun go down, meditating and being grateful, hopefully, for another day gone by without an appearance by the Hulk. Today, so far, has been good--no Hulk and the garden is coming along nicely. Bruce leans back, listening to chatter on the journal and occasionally commenting.

Just as the sunset ends, though, Bruce feels the Hulk in his mind grow voraciously strong. Bruce hasn't felt such a lack of control, since the early days...


when the Hulk came out at night! Bruce feels his control shred and in moments the Hulk is sitting in his place, but not the green Hulk! The gray one! Hulk hears the chatter from the journal and snarls.]

Stupid, puny humans! HULK WANT QUIET!
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Um, hi. I have an idea, but I could use some advice. I don't want to step on any toes or get backlash from the castle. I'm thinking of setting up a sort of meditation a zen garden, but with more plants? I thought it'd be nice to have a quiet, comfortable place outdoors, where people could go to meditate or pray...somewhere quiet and peaceful. With all the stress the castle causes, we could probably use a good place to relax.

Um. I could also use some gardening advice. I've never been in a position to have a garden before.


Jun. 7th, 2013 07:35 pm
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 It is summer again already.

[Will sounds thoughtful and a little nostalgic today.]

At home, this used to be the time of year when all of my brothers and sisters were home. We helped with the yardwork and the garden.  And I went fishing and camping with my brothers a lot.

Sometimes I went out on bike rides to visit all the old churches around.  [A thoughtful pause.] There were rather a lot of them.  I had quite the collection of brass rubbings at home.

I wonder.... It might be fun to go out on a little adventure like that.  Nothing dangerous, like these expeditions I hear about.  Just some exploration and fun.
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[Bruce is sitting outside, his young son, Michael, beside him. The boy looks about eighteen months old and is chewing on some alphabet blocks. His clothing is tattered, because he threw a temper tantrum, until Bruce brought him outside. Bruce opens his journal.]

Can I get some help? I know nobody here really knows me very well, The castle has given me a child who has apparently inherited my anger issues. For those who don't know, that means he becomes big, strong, and green, whenever he gets angry.


I need a break, before I turn green. I mean, I could stay nearby. I'm not really asking for a baby-sitter. Really. I'm just not used to this and could use some moral support, if nothing else.
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[There was a shriek.]

[a pause and the sound of rapid breathing and fists beating on the glass like cover of the cryotube, the sound of release of the stasis compression, and lastly a body falling hard to the floor.]

[Soft sounds that eventually resolved themselves into word. The word grew into a terrified whisper as the sound of feet scrambling on a floor rose. Unfamiliar with the layout of the basement of the old Peace Patrol headquarters, turning, seeking, lost.]

[The word was the only clarity in the sounds, all else seemed like half crazed desperation to move, to get out, like a trapped rat.]

[The word was the last thing spoken, that single thing, a word, a name.]

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[Bruce remembers falling asleep on the couch in his lab. He is now in a rather fancy bedroom. Granted, Tony tends to go for opulent and personal comfort, but this isn't Bruce's room at Stark tower. Fortunately, he fell asleep with his glasses on, so when he finds the journal lying open nearby, he can easily read the writing as it forms on the pages.]

Okay, that's a neat trick.

[He starts as his own words appear in the journal. Flipping through the journal, he sees there are patterns, obvious conversations and communications.]

Um. Hello?
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[good evening, Paradisa. not to interrupt, but...]

Hey, uh... Anyone have experience with handling unstable isotopes?

I've got... kind of a problem.

[kind of a potentially radioactive problem.]
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[so after a bit of initial freaking out, followed by less freaking out, followed by investigating his room, followed by a distinct lack of any conclusions, some guy starts talking to the journal. ...well, he's talking to anyone who might be around (like any S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hiding in his closet or something), but the journal fits that description.]

All right. You got me.

This is... [not fair at all.] ...impressive.

[...and he's really hoping someone'll step forward and start explaining.]


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