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[Spoken Mind to Mind, for the telepaths of Paradisa

 [Will was himself again. He was once again the Youngest of the Old. And with that self knowledge and power came once again his worries over these he had made friends with in this place. As he stands there on the roof of the communications building, he casts out his mind in search of those with like minds.He could not touch minds with no ability to speak in this manner. But those he could, he would offer the chance to speak.]

We have been scattered, I think. And hunted as well.  

Are you well? What is happening?

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[this isn't the first time a telepath has contacted the castle at large. It's still strange, and Peter feels strange responding even though he knows the other will hear his thoughts]

I'm here. Who is this?
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Will Stanton, my name is Peter Petrelli. My wife and I fought against one of the T-rexes. I don't know if it's alive or dead.
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We're both fine. Hopefully we scared the thing enough that it won't bother anyone again.
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I haven't heard from you before. How long have you been in the castle?
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If you count both times, it'll be six years for me.
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It is, but I've made good connections along the way.
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That's very true.
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Did he? Sounds like a smart guy. My teacher was trying to convince me to sever my connections.
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I know I couldn't handle being here without them.
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[While Evan was only passively telepathic, he's had enough telepathic contact with his teachers and Quentin to hear Will's voice.]

Will? I'm not sure what's happening, but there's a lot of angry dinosaurs out there, and my powers are working again, so that's definitely a big help.
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I figured as much. Just never heard your voice in my head before, heh.

Anyway, I'm trying to give the dinosaurs a taste of their own medicine, as long as I can. I'd rather not hurt 'em if I don't have to, but I don't want 'em to hurt anyone else, either. Might be time to test one of my new powers, I think.
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Heh, yeah I suppose. It's still pretty handy though. A couple of my teachers insisted that we learn to talk like this for as long as we could manage it. One of the advantages of going to a school for people with super powers, I guess.

Okay, good. I'm gonna try and get the dinosaurs to clear out, though you might wanna tell everyone you're holed up with to cover their ears. It'll get pretty loud for a minute or two, as long as it takes me to knock out all of the raptors and stuff that've been chasing us.

[Meanwhile, this was the sort of thing that Evan was born to do, and he was almost glad to have a chance to do it.]
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There is in my world, yeah. Not sure about any others. [For Evan, being around other super-powered being, and being taught by them in a school was mundane. It was every day, so for him it was just an accepted part of life.]

Okay good. I've been practicing a little here and there, but I've never really had a chance to apply this power to anything practical. It's a sonic scream I worked out while training. If I shapeshift my vocal cords, lungs, and diaphragm a certain way, I can make them strong enough to produce a sound that could potentially be lethal, but I can tone it down to knock someone...or something out, or just annoy them a lot, make 'em want to leave us alone.
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[A smile ripples through the telepathic connection.]

That'd be a great help, actually. I'll be able to cut loose, without worrying about collateral damage that way. Just keep everyone safe, and I'll deal with things out here.
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Well, my sonic scream generates concentrated sonic waves, like a sonic boom that doesn't go away, so you'll just kinda want to guard against really strong gusts of wind, as well as sound. I'm not sure how the acoustics carry around here, so it might not even come up, but be ready just in case.
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[Dairine wasn't expecting a telepathic message, but she replies in kind.]

I'm alive and in one piece, if that counts as "well."

A group of us were chased up a river by the Tyrannosaurus Rex and into a cave.
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Not all of us.

[There's a moment of heavily weighted silence.]

We lost Sarah Harding. She's... dead.
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[His telepathy returned since he got inside the building and he can't help but wonder why. Currently he's frantically searching through electronics for something suitable he can jury-rig to incapacitate the dinosaurs outside. He's done it before, but of what's here, it's just not advanced enough. The contact is unexpected and makes him pause what's he's doing for a moment before responding in kind.]

Will? Where are you? Are you safe? The grasslands, velociraptors are on the hunt and still out there.
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Will, am I ever relieved to learn that you are.[And his relief carries on the thought.]

Have you contacted others this way, before?