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[Will had been thinking again.  He hadn't had much else to do, these last few weeks.]

I've been wondering something recently. What do Dark and Light mean to you? It seems like every person I've met has a different idea of what they mean.

[He pauses.]

Also, is there anything anyone needs any help with?  I haven't much to do, these days.  And I would like to do something useful with my days.

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How good are you at studying advanced technical diagrams and instructions?
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So, not very. Oh, well.

If you'd like to learn for the future, there'll always be a need for maintenance on the holodeck once it's up and running. I can provide some manuals, as well as instructions on how to use the holodeck.
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A holodeck is a room fitted with projectors. These projectors are capable of creating any environment and person, as long as the correct program is loaded.
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They're not as clear cut as people think. They can flow into one another, making those sneaky shades of grey.

...Which really is all the world is. Lots of grey.
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You'd be surprised, the light you can find in the dark.
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Oh? And there's never any...intermingling? Because I get hammered with my 'opposite' on a regular basis.
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I bet you'd soon warm up with a good glass of Jack Daniels and some shitty karaoke music.

Works for humans all the time.
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Fine, you can have a glass of coke.

You'd be surprised.

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Let me know if this is too late

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Do you mean Dark and Light in the Grander Powers way or the more literal sense?
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Then I hope you don't mind some SW references ;)

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Well, there's a Dark Side and a Light Side of the Force, and together they bind the galaxy together.

...Just kidding, but that does give a pretty good illustration of how it actually works. Two powerful opposing forces, each drawing from the same power source. Only with fewer lightsaber battles.
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You don't know what light sabers are?
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*Actually the Paradisa version in conversation, I'm too lazy to make up names

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[Oh man, Will has no idea what he is getting into.]

Only the coolest weapon ever. You seriously have never heard of Star Wars* before?
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[Dairine is shocked! Horrified! Baffled!]

But... how?!

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