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23rd slide

So...this isn't even my holiday, but since it's the fifth of November and all maybe we could all use a distraction, I've set up a little impromptu bonfire party outside. [She wished it up, actually. Too much work for a small girl like her]

Drinks and food provided. BYO fireworks, though. I wished up enough stuff already.

[filtered to Aaron]

I'm not sure I did it justice, but there you go. Now get down here and help me drink this beer.

[Wade will be outside in the courtyard, where there's a small bonfire blazing just on the edge. She's hauled out a few chairs and table from the dining room, and placed on that a giant bucket full of chilled beer and sparkling cider. The centerpiece of the food table is a pot of hearty beef stew with dumplings, and stack of bowls next to it, along with a smaller pot of vegetable curry for vegetarians like Wade. There's also sausage rolls, potato wedges, and berry tarts (since you've all had enough apples by now)]
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Filtered back to Wade

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Uh you really went all out in it, didn't ya. Back home they usually serves wine at the bonfire tho. But beer is good enough for me.

[With that said though, he does make his way outside to find the bonefire. It's not like he got anything better to do after all.]
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Re: action

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I'm not. [Shrugs]

I don't really care that much about Guy Fawkes day. Thanks anyway though, bonfire and food always go down.
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It's alright.

I haven't got any favorite holiday. I don't care that much about them.
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Cos I don't. [Shrugs] I'm awful at giving presents and I've never understood the whole family happy times thing.
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It only cost money and you always gets the wrong thing. Sure maybe I get family values better now than before. Still not enough to be all joyful over whatever holiday there is. Only good thing is getting time off work.
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Uh huh. That said tho, mechanics are needed year round.
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[ voice ]

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A bonfire? How delightful! We need a little fun after all that carnival wretchedness besides.

[ And he likes fire. Totally not biased at all. ]
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[ This was greeted with a quiet, approving laugh. ]

I can see the appeal in that. I am sure it might assuage some lingering feelings of resentment.

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No, no, of course not. But it can be immensely satisfying.