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[Dictated; Backdated to the day after the expedition left

 Could someone come to room 308 and let me out?

[Conan was sounding decidedly grumpy today. He'd spent hours with his lockpicks trying to break out of his room... with no success.]
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[Dairine could not be more pleased with her big sister. She had initially expected Conan to tag along with the crowd, only to find out that Neets had taken care of it. While Dair feels a little miffed that she didn't get to do it herself, she is definitely enjoying the lack of stress.]

Oh, you ask for help now. That lock proving more difficult than you expected?
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Nope! [Though she sounds cheerful enough to be suspicious, she's telling the truth.]

Don't say I didn't warn you. Neets can be resourceful when you tick her off.

[Dairine speaks from experience.]
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Re: Dictated

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I warned you when she stopped by to kick me out of your room. After she moved your Holmes books.