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Ghosts of Turkeys Past [ Voice ]

Now, I do not mean to alarm anyone still at the Castle, but I have a question - everyone else has seen the rather large, transparent spirit bird that wanders the halls, correct? 

 [ He likes to make sure of his own sanity now and then, though frankly a spirit bird is not very strange. Still, one likes to check... ]
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It's a tureky. [Pause] Do they not have those in your world?
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They're just really big ones, really. Turkey's are traditionally the game people eat on Thanksgiving, which is near the end of the month. Probably because they're big enough to feed a lot of people.
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Yeah, that's the one. Well, that's the central part, but to most people it's really about the big feast you have for it and uh...the central part of that is usually a turkey.