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2.1 ❦ voice

[Hey there castle residents, here's a voice you haven't heard for a while. He gets right to the point.]

From the trees and the forest and what birds I can find, and even the new number of pages in this journal, I gather it is no longer spring. Would someone be so kind as to tell me when I do find myself, and if my son is still here?
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[ It is rather hard to forget that particular voice, isn't it? Though, he did sympathize - to miss all the pleasurable months and end up coming here in the beginnings of the winter with its snow and cold. Ugh. ]

According to the Earth-type calendars, it is the last days of November and moving into December, which hosts the Christmas Holiday the Castle is so fond of.
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For as many year as I have been here, yes. I would assume it would attempt such tricks again - they do seem a favorite.

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It would be a potential haven, but the Castle's reach is rather long and the winters not terribly kind, even here.

So I would not dissuade you from trying, but I won't say you will be free of it all either.

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True. You would not be the first to live beyond the Castle walls either. I am sure you could find a house abandoned if you like, given so many of our number have gone.

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[ Sometimes, he thinks people make things much harder on themselves to avoid only a little bit of trickery. ]

I can tell you do not like the Castle's tricks, but you would rather live in a cavern than in a proper bedroom simply to avoid kissing someone?

[ Not that he liked being forced more than anyone, but... well, he would endure it for the sake of his comfortable bed and the warmth of the Castle rather than the dubious comfort of a cavern. ]

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Suil, adar.

It has been at least six months since last you were here.
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[He's smiling too, he can't help it.]

I have been safe and kept out of trouble. [Except during the carnival.] Where are you? I will come to meet you.
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I will be there shortly, wait for me!

[He means 'shortly' too, sliding down stairway banisters in the castle and darting across the grounds.]
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[Legolas moves lightly to the cavern, eager to make sure his father is really there. He doesn't stop smiling though, this isn't something the castle would really be able to fake. Or he's sure someone would have mentioned it.]

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I came as quickly as I could. And slid down the castle bannisters to save time.

[TO hug or not to hug-

Yeah no, he's going to hug his father.]
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[Actually, he's surprised too. Especially since that was his first time actually attempting it.]

Luck was on my side, it seems. And my eagerness to see you may have added some focus.
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Poor indeed but that would not have easily stopped me either.

[Injuries, minor or otherwise, hadn't really stopped him when he was a child either.]
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Well, perhaps a little. But I would still have found a way to you.
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[He happily leans against his father, thinking about the months he's missed him. He doesn't think about what's happening in Middle Earth, refuses to really, but he's still sure that he'll come back to his father.]

I have missed you.
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Legolas remains here and will doubtless greet you himself. As for the season, you arrive for the second time nearly on the anniversary of your first. It is but a few days from 'December,' as most here mark time.
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[Just ignore the hint of amusement in her voice.] I cannot blame you there.
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The Lady Galadriel is quite accustomed to making herself comfortable in a wide variety of conditions, I assure you. I would be glad to pay you a visit.
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I had no notion that you had begun such a project.
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Understandably so. I will confess that I have stayed in the castle more for the benefit for others than for myself. [Meaning that she wants to be nearby when things explode so that she can help.]
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Oh hey, you're back. Just in time for kissing season too.

[Dairine isn't quite sure how she feels about this. He was not her favorite elf, not by any means, but he wasn't hostile either.]

I don't know who your son is, but if he's here, you should be able to find his room.
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Legolas... You mean the hyperactive blond elf? I guess I can see the resemblance.

[Maybe it'd be easier if she gave Thranduil large quantities of sugar, but no way is she going through THAT again.]
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You didn't see his junk food adventure. Believe me, "hyperactive" was putting it lightly.