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[Hey there castle residents, here's a voice you haven't heard for a while. He gets right to the point.]

From the trees and the forest and what birds I can find, and even the new number of pages in this journal, I gather it is no longer spring. Would someone be so kind as to tell me when I do find myself, and if my son is still here?
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Spring has truly arrived at last, and it seems likely we shall have at least some little quiet time. It seems, therefore, as good a time as any to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Those who wish to feast with us would be welcome to join in the celebration tonight. It will be outside the castle, near the trees.

[Private to Legolas

Have you still your wine, leaf, or need I find another way to procure more?]
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[It took a great deal of effort to turn the pages, and he had torn one slightly before arriving at a blank one, and so Thranduil sounded somewhat frustrated by the time he finally began speaking. Hooves were not made for handling paper, and he wasn't entirely sure how else he was supposed to do it. The horn seemed to control some sort of magic, but thus far it had only made his life more difficult, not less.]

Is it common to experience a loss as the result of another's actions? Or do I just have bad luck?

[Bad luck in that he and Legolas had been changed at the same time, if nothing else.]

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Feb. 13th, 2014 03:30 pm
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[The hand, as always, is elegant.]

There has been talk recently of an upcoming "Valentine's Day." It is not something I am familiar with; there are no holidays by that name that I know of where I come from. I would appreciate it if one who knows would explain what it is, and how it is celebrated. There have been references in the journals, but little else.

[And he's hoping those references are an exaggeration, or wrong. He has no desire to be forced to kiss anyone again. And what was the connection between love and chocolate, and why should the love be so confined?

Not that "Christmas" had seemed, from what he'd been told, to have any great connection to kissing either. Perhaps the Castle simply enjoyed taking any occasion to force its occupants to kiss, in which case Thranduil would be moving out of the castle again until it was over.]
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[The penmanship is bold, but neat and without added flourishes. Well, he'd been told that this was a communication devise, and the previous pages did seem to back that up, so it seemed a good place to begin asking questions.]

Are there any here who have the tools needed in shaping a bow? At the moment I have nothing but a sword, and it is not suited for fine work.

A sword alone may do to an extent, but this forest is... unnatural, and I would wish for more than it

[Suddenly the writing stops, and Thranduil's voice picks up as he accidentally switches to dictating.]


[A squeaking sound greets him, and after a few seconds there's a sound of footsteps, and some background noise. Maybe a minute later he returns to the journal and sees the additions. Well, whatever.]

Is is it usual, here, to find animals wearing ribbons wandering without their mothers?

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