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24th slide

[Wade has wandered up into one of the towers, clad in a warm red sweater and jeans and carrying a plate of cookies under one arm. She slides into the seat of the grand piano in the study, then places her cookies and journal down on the top, next to the bouquet of poinsetta. The piano itself is trimmed with gold tinsel.]

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Second Christmas in Paradisa. Too bad I can't ask Santa too see my friends from home.

[Idly she plays the first few notes of this familiar tune, then chuckles to herself.]

Well, at least I'm not stuck in tights and elf ears this time.

Also, I made cookies if anyone wants any. Guaranteed to be castle-influence free.

[And then she'll go back to playing, and starts to sing along. She's more than passable at both, if not exactly a prodigy.]

((ooc: open to kisses!))

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