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24th slide

[Wade has wandered up into one of the towers, clad in a warm red sweater and jeans and carrying a plate of cookies under one arm. She slides into the seat of the grand piano in the study, then places her cookies and journal down on the top, next to the bouquet of poinsetta. The piano itself is trimmed with gold tinsel.]

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Second Christmas in Paradisa. Too bad I can't ask Santa too see my friends from home.

[Idly she plays the first few notes of this familiar tune, then chuckles to herself.]

Well, at least I'm not stuck in tights and elf ears this time.

Also, I made cookies if anyone wants any. Guaranteed to be castle-influence free.

[And then she'll go back to playing, and starts to sing along. She's more than passable at both, if not exactly a prodigy.]

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You could ask him for pictures. It's not the same thing, but ... it's something.
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Well then, there you go. I get what you mean, though; it'd be nice to have then physically here with us.
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Better that than complacency.
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Huh, this is my second Christmas at the Castle. I've been here for a bit more than a year. Time sure flies. I'm actually starting to miss my family.
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Yeah. Just starting. It has been nice to be away from all the craze in the village.
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Yeah. I'm from a place called Emmerdale. Even though it's small, lots of things happens there.
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3 years and a few months. I grew up with me dad in Hotten before moving in with me mum in Emmerdale.
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I haven't been in touch with me dad or his side of the family for years. I get along with me mum's side of the family tho.
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But I don't care. I hate him for chucking me out in the cold.
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Look, he chucked me out onto the street years ago, before I came here. He didn't make any effort to contact me, not even a birthday card. He doesn't care about me so why should I care about him?
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It's up to him, not me.

Family's only good when they care about you. Me mum left me and all but once she had to take me on again she tried to make amends. We're a lot closer now. I know I made a few bad things but we worked it out. Me dad on the other hand doesn't care.
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[There's another voice over the journal, intermittently humming along with the melody. She might be a little better at hitting the notes properly, being a professional, but it's only a slight difference at most. She'd had to train in singing, dancing... all kinds of skills. And like the saying goes, she's not a master at any one of them.

Wade can probably recognize her voice the whole time, but Rise doesn't actually properly speak until it seems Wade is finished with the song.]

I didn't know you could play piano! Kirijo-san was going to teach me, but... she didn't stay for long...

[The regret is obvious in her tone. She wishes she had gotten a chance to learn, and maybe perform a little more for people in her time here.

Oh, well, that's not important now. Maybe she'll drop by for a visit? Wade did say something about cookies, didn't she...?]
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Sure! You're in the music room, right?

[Except it's not called the music room anymore, but Rise's familiar with it. It's one of her favorite places to visit, so naturally she's kept up with where it is no matter how much the castle changes! In fact, she's already picked up her journal and is on her way.]
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Of course! You can always count on me~!

[As Wade's former fake daughter and current friend, she takes protecting her from poor dietary decisions very seriously! Friends don't let friends ruin their figures. Or something like that.]

I'm almost there now.

[Sure enough, it's not even another minute before she walks through the door. If Wade looks towards her as she approaches, she'll give a cheery wave.]
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[As long as there's room (and why wouldn't there be?), she'll just slide right in next to Wade on the bench. Just for the heck of it, she reaches out and pokes at a random key, sounding the note through the hall.]

I haven't done this in a while! Kirijo-san left a long time ago...

[She takes a quick peek over at the book, curious.]

Are you playing from sheet music? Or do you know the songs?