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 [Danny was not an idiot.

He might have been bad at math, but even he could spot a pattern like this. Christmas season starts, weird decorations show up, people start kissing each other.  Simple, if annoying.

And this year he was going to do something about that.

And that was why Danny had spent the morning stripping the castle of as many decorations (especially poinsettias) as he could find and transferring them into a pile in the courtyard. Then with a smirk he flips open the journal.]

Yeah, so. I decided to declare war against Christmas.  People might want to avoid the courtyard for a bit.

[And with that he points at the pile of decorations and blasts them. What could possibly go wrong?]

[OOC: Open for kissmas and disasters of any kind]
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[ Too late of a warning, since Sheena's coming into the courtyard just as he's issuing his warning over the journal.

Luckily, she doesn't have long to wait to see why, and after lunging for cover, makes her way over to him. ]

Uhhh, you really think that's going to work with a Castle that can make things just appear because it wants to?
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[ And Sheena matches him cross for cross. ]

Well, I hope your insides can take it because you know it probably won't run out of anything, right?
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You know what the solution is, don't you?

[ She gives a beat before answering. ]

Don't destroy it. [ Wait! She's not being contradictory! ] There's no point in exhausting yourself to destroy something that's in endless supply.
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Re: [Action]

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[ She shakes her head. ]

It's also going to make you exhausted and frustrated. Come on, Danny. You don't really want that, do you?

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Well, I can understand that. But instead of destroying something that can renew itself, why not go for something that can't?

[ Hopefully, he'll get all that stress out. ]

And why do you sound like your sister?
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[Wade is just gonna stand in the lobby and stare outside with an expression of mild horror]

Whoa. Hey. Unnecessary holiday violence.
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What did they ever do to you?
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I've heard, yeah, but it doesn't seem like that big a deal.
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[He's still at the 'girls have cooties' stage, isn't he?]

I thought you were all for having fun no matter what? You're a little young to be such a Scrooge.
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It's kind of the ultimate kid holiday.
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[Following in the grand tradition of that one crazy girl she met and quickly befriended last year, Rise is on the prowl with a poinsettia from the decorations firmly affixed to her sweater. And Danny made the mistake of revealing his location.

She just can't resist the chance to see the look on his face. Even if it is a little mean. She could make it up to him later!

Fortunately for Danny, she's not as forward as Effy. So she slips up behind him as innocently as she can, once the carnage is over and the pile of decorations are apparently sufficiently destroyed.]

Awww... I thought they were pretty.

[Is she close enough? She doesn't feel any urge to kiss him yet. She hopes her poinsettia is still working...

Anyway, keeping up the innocent, pouting over destroyed decorations act!]

There's nothing wrong with just leaving the decorations alone, you know.

[Yes, she knows what they do, but does he know she knows?]
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You mean this?

[Suddenly, she's right up in his personal space. And there's the familiar pull, which she's not even going to try to fight. Convenient that she can still blame what's about to happen on the magic, even though she's willingly going along with it.

Draping an arm over his shoulder to pull him close, she moves in to press her lips against his - gently, but firmly.

He could pull away fairly easily, if the magic hasn't gotten to him as much. But Rise's counting on getting a little more mileage out of this.]
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[Shhh, just enjoy it, Danny! Rise stays right where she is, wrapping her arms around him even more and patiently waiting to see if he'll stop flailing and give in. Either he'll have to push her away or make her bored with this game, at this point...]
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[Dairine probably should have learned after three Christmases here not to ever leave her room once December hit. However, she was morbidly curious to know exactly what kind of war this guy was planning on doing.

It should be fine so long as she kept her distance, right?

And so with a BANG, she appears within the courtyard, a fair distance away from where Danny had situated himself. She squints at the sight before her.]

Uhh, did you just freeze the poinsettias?
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Maybe? [Depended on how the castle took it.]

What exactly was this supposed to achieve?
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Action forever

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That's it? You decided to grab a bunch of enchanted decorations and freeze them just so you'd feel good?