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Syntax Error 43 - Backdated to Dec. 25-30

[On Christmas, Dairine woke up to find her present, the newest resident in her room, staring right at her face: a Plusle. The Pokemon chatted at her cheerfully and cuddling as though it knew her. Dairine quickly realized this was not just any Plusle but hers from the Pokemon world. Later that morning, she could be seen out in the lobby watching the Plusle play with her Aron and Bit. Dairine is also waiting to see if her friends want to see her for the holidays.

Once she hears what the key her received did and that others had copies as well though, Dairine rushes off to check up on Galadriel, Conan, and Neets. If they leave without saying goodbye, she'll find them in Timeheart and let them have it, mark her words.

Dairine doesn't leave right away, a fact that surprises even herself. After the Christmas rush, she could usually be found talking to the new residents or sitting in the library, staring at the key. That is where she is right now, pondering it from over a large book. Did she want to go home? Certainly, but then again her universe might be destroyed in less than a week's time once she gets there. That reminder both made her want to hurry back to fix it all and also take her time. This might be the last bit of free time she'll have ever again. And then there's the issue of all those people she met while here. Being worlds apart Dairine could adjust to after three years of separations... but to leave and lose all memories of them? Would they be gone for good? Would she remember in Timeheart?

Dairine sighs and writes a filter.]

Hey... How big of a chance do you think we have of keeping things if we leave? Like our memories or stuff?
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[Dairine will find Conan sitting on his bed and staring into his own open door, his expression twisted into longing and loss. Through the door he watches Ran moving around the Mouri agency. ]
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[Conan's own fractured expression is immediately replaced by annoyance. ]

Was breaking down my door really necessary?
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What are you in such a hurry about?
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Hard to tell... We haven't had the choice to leave before.

But I wouldn't count on it.