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Ahhh, it's so close!

[Sugar can hardly sit still, she's so impatient. The young fairy whines as she stares out the window.]

Why can't it be time for snow yet?
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[Sugar had been a little worried when Rise didn't return to their room last night. She had sat up on the window, waiting for her return until she found herself waking up on the floor. She must have rolled off the windowsill in the night. Brushing herself off, the fairy soon realized that her roommate still wasn't back. After much waiting and fretting, Sugar opens her journal.]

Has anyone seen Rise? She didn't come back last night.
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Wow... Those seeds sure grew fast! Much faster than the Magic Seed did!

[Sugar is in fact sitting in one of the apple trees that she planted earlier this week, looking out over the grounds. The tiny fairy might not be too noticeable unless someone gets up close or hears her from below.]

Do you think they were magic too?
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[Well, her shared room has changed back to normal and there's no horrifying noises coming from the journal anymore. But Sugar is not in a rush to meet whatever she and Rise had been hiding from, so she wants to check anyway.]

Are the scary things gone now?
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[As the weather got hotter, Sugar was doing her best to keep things cool. Yesterday she could be found in the lobby conjuring snowflakes in a tiny patch for anyone to sit or walk through. Sure they melted quickly, but it was still cold and refreshing in this heat.

Today is different. Sugar had flown down to the same spot to create the magic snow again. But when she plays her piccolo no magic happens. She keeps playing to no avail, until eventually she flops down on the lobby table, exhausted from her efforts and the heat.]

Why isn't it working?!
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[A good season fairy apprentice was supposed to work on their magic every day. Summertime had distracted her from thoughts of snowy weather though, so Sugar was due for some much needed practice.

Floating high above the castle lobby, she plays her piccolo, trying to get the magic to work. Eventually she gets tired of playing the same old song over and over again. Sure it is her magic song, but there had to be some way to change things up. With a deep breath, Sugar quickens the tune. Suddenly the air around the piccolo starts glowing and then...

A large snowball falls down from the ceiling. Heads up! Or those walking underneath might end up with a cold surprise.

Sugar laughs nervously.]

Guess I still need some practice.

((OCC: To hear what Sugar is playing (and see the results), go to 9:11 of this video.))
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[Sugar was very excited to see Christmas return to the castle, bringing with it snow. Sure, it was rather early and as a season fairy she should probably be worried about that. And sure, it also seemed to make her a human teenager a few days later, but who cares? Not Sugar. As far as she's concerned, this is the best surprise ever.

The teenager is out in the snow, building snow rabbits. Her pink hair really stands out against the white landscape. Done her third rabbit, she looks around for other people to coax into playing. The journal open nearby, she decides to ask the castle at large.

Who wants to play snow games?
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Last week sure was different. I had no idea plants could grow indoors like that. And so fast too!

They weren't very fun plants though...

[No, they were very scary and rude plants. Same with the animals, but she would rather not think about them at all.]

Hey, do you think we could have plants indoors all the time?
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[It had started innocently enough. People were drawing in the journal, lots more people than usual, and Sugar wanted to draw too. So she copied the swirly doodles. And then made more. And more. And more.

At first she had stuck to the journal, using different colors of crayon for each swirl. However eventually that wasn't good enough. So Sugar wished herself up a tube of paint and started drawing on the walls.

The young fairy can currently be found in the second floor hallway, using her hands to paint tiny swirls on one patch of the wall. She steps back to inspect her work, and after a few moments of scrutiny she nods.

There! That's much better.
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Wow! Everything got so twinkly after I woke up! What happened?

[Yup. Someone was asleep and dreaming through that plot. Sorry if anyone got kicked by a four-inch high fairy.]

More importantly, winter is almost over! So now's the time to enjoy the last of the in-season snow. ...Unless you guys want me to make more, of course! [Not mentioning that it's technically against the rules. It shouldn't hurt so long as Elder doesn't know, right?]

What kind of snow fun to you like?
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Hello everyone! Today is Valentine's Day, a time when you tell all the people you know how much you love them. I hope you are ready! I know I am.

Buuut just in case you haven't gotten anything for them yet, I have just the thing. And you know what that is?

Sweets! Since chocolate making is such a big deal for this holiday, I think we should all make some. You can meet me in the kitchen!

[Sounds like a great plan, right? Except Sugar hasn't tried making chocolate on her own. Those who actually visit the kitchen will find a small mess already forming there. Two bowls are on the counter as well as a bar of chocolate, but another bowl has fallen to the ground. On the table is a book of recipes partially covered in a pile sugar since a bag has fallen over nearby. Underneath the sugar piles is... well, Sugar, who is desperately trying to dig her way out.

Someone probably should help her before she destroys the kitchen.
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Hey, what's your favorite kind of snow?

[Sugar is taking a break from her snow making practice. It's been a year since she's arrived, and it doesn't feel like she's any closer to becoming a full fledged season fairy (though her magic flower has grown rather tall, strangely, despite her not finding any twinkles). So she's gone outside to practice.]

Also... um, say a plant starts growing without the things it needs. What would cause that?

[And with that, she starts playing her flute once more, waiting to see if anyone will reply.]
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[Sugar is clinging to one of the mistletoe sprigs in the doorway to the lobby. She hasn't realized it's magical properties yet, but it seemed like a good vantage point to look for people to kiss. Yup, this fairy is yet another contestant in that kissing game... but for entirely different reasons. (Really though, any excuse to kiss people is a good excuse.)

She admires the lobby's decorations from her hiding place, bouncing up and down excitedly. It's taking all her willpower not to investigate everything right now.

Everything is so twinkly now! The tree that grew in the lobby is twinkly, the halls are twinkly... I bet I could find hundreds of twinkles!

Oh! And a snow fairy visited yesterday!! Isn't that great?

[You'd think someone who was able to make her own snow would be less excited. But nope; she's just as excited as any kid would be.]

((OCC: Action or journal. Open for kisses! Fair warning: she'll be trying to kiss most people, magical mistletoe or not. If you don't want your character to be kissed/kiss her back, they can dodge her and the mistletoe. Or push her away. She's super small; evading shouldn't be too hard.))
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Yesterday was another special day, right? "Thanksgiving," I think. I liked it much better than the last one. There was so much food! I feel stuffed.

[But in a good way.]

Still, I'm a little confused. Who are you supposed to give thanks to during Thanksgiving?
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[You might think a holiday with as many sweets as Halloween would please Sugar. Wrong. Cowering below one of the lobby tables is Sugar, dressed up like a certain familiar high school elementary school detective, right down her tiny pair of glasses. Her little wings look rather out of place with the blue jacket. Quietly, she whispers to her journal.]

What happened to the castle? Everything is scary now. I don't like it.

[There's a gasp and she goes quiet as one of the ghosts walk past.]

Oh, and where did my clothes go? When I woke up yesterday they were gone, and I was wearing Conan's clothes again. [Pause.] I didn't realize he had clothes that would fit me.
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[Sugar woke up to find the sun shining bright, which at first seemed great! She loved the sun.

Then the heat started.

While Sugar, as a season fairy, was less affected by extreme temperatures than other beings, she could still feel the temperature rising to uncomfortable levels. Oh no! This is way too hot! This wasn't fall weather at all! A season fairies job is to obey the seasons, bringing the proper weather for each of them. She had to make things right!

Rise! I'm going out!

[Grabbing her bag, she rushed out of the room to see what she could do. Her first concern was her Magic Flower, then the plants outside, which might not like the drastic change in temperature. However, she was also on the lookout for anyone who was not taking well to the heat.

Don't worry, guys! Sugar will cool things down!

((OCC: Open outside for Sugar helping the plants or anywhere if your character wants relief from the heat.))
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[Sugar hasn't been herself lately. More and more friends kept vanishing, leaving the snow fairy sad and lonely. She had gone quiet and lethargic, enough to worry her roommate. The fairy was lying on her desk when finally frustration kicked in.]

AUUGH, what is wrong with me? This isn't what he would have wanted at all!!

[She sits up and walks over to Bunny's letter. She had read over it many times, but now the words sparked

"Hope... Find it and spread it around. Hope needs people to keep it alive, I'm entrusting this job to all of you now."

Right! That's what I'll do!

[For the rest of the day, Sugar searches through the castle for anyone who looks down or needs help. She'll do her best, Bunny! She's gonna bring people hope!


((OCC: Backdated to the afternoon. Open to action, especially if you want an overeager fairy to try to cheer your character up or "help" them.))
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[Nora had said "something crazy" would be the best gift for Hard Harry. Sugar had lots of crazy ideas, but most she was too little to pull off. One, though, she knew she could do. Maybe. Possibly. She almost pulled it off before.

People who walk down the lobby might notice a light flurry of... snow? In the middle of August?! More importantly, why is it inside the room?! But there is no denying it; that is definitely snow. The snowfall starts at the ceiling and is already piling into little drifts. Anyone listening closely might also hear the sound of a flute coming from one of the chandlers. Perched on it is a little snow fairy, playing her magic flute. She pauses for a moment, and the snow stops falling.

Oh wow, that worked!

[Ah, yes, that's right. Her journal is there.]

Hey, hey, remember that last place we woke up in? That was Human School, wasn't it? How neat! I never realized humans went to school too! And guess what? My magic is stronger now too!

Do you think it's because we went to the magic school?

((Open to journals or action if you would like a snowy summer. Sorry Zelos.))
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[Sugar was surprised to wake up somewhere that Rise was not, but she was slowly getting used to this trend. Plus, being in a new place was exciting! Sugar rushed out to explore as soon as possible. But Tokyo is a big city, and without her wings, she quickly got lost.

The journal picks up sniffling as she opens it up.

Oh no... I don't know where I am. What am I supposed to do?

Rise? Bunny? Anyone?!

[Those who have made it to Shibuya might notice a young child sitting in front of the HachikĊ statue. She looks no more than seven... but with pink hair. More importantly, she is crying and obviously upset. Will you help her?]
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[Sugar usually goes to bed not long after the sun goes down. But loud noises catch her attention and draw her towards the window, where she can see the fireworks display.]

Wow! Look at all the pretty flowers lighting up the sky!

Are those twinkles?


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