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[Action - Accidental Audio]

[There is a very small (around three feet and some odd inches tall) man with large, furry feet running down the hall in a panic, his hand gripping an open journal. He looks very frazzled, clothes charred along with burn marks on his cheeks and feet like someone got a little too close to a wildfire.

Or a dragon.]

Thorin- Thorin!

[These halls aren't familiar to him, but then again neither are the halls of Erebor so off he goes in search for some Dwarves that aren't here in a place he has never stepped foot in before.]

We made a- a horrible mistake...! Oh no, oh no... [Bilbo slows down finally in the middle of a hallway, breathing out as his heart races ahead of him. He looks back down at the journal that just suddenly appeared on his person only a few moments ago, his thumb holding onto a few pages. Nothing about this makes sense.]

What have we done...
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Locked to Thorin

[Bilbo was rather nervous at addressing people through the journal, but he wanted to ask Thorin something rather personal. He swallowed and wondered if the dwarf king would accept. He never wanted to be pushy or think just because he wanted it, Thorin would.]

Thorin? This is Bilbo. Since it is Christmas and everyone is getting into the spirit, as they say, I'd like to ask you something. [He paused.] I was wondering if you'd like to spend Christmas Day with me within my hobbit hole. Just a suggestion, nothing more, as I know you are a busy dwarf. [Drinking, laughing, brooding. That sort of thing.]

If you'd let me know as soon as possible I will be grateful. Oh. There will be lots of food and drink. Just to let you know.

Thank you.

To Everyone else

To everyone at the castle, I would like to invite you to my hobbit hole for some light refreshment upon Christmas Day. I have many varieties of food and drink to offer and I would much enjoy the company. If anyone wishes to descend upon my humble abode, I will be happy to meet you. I just thought this season is the time to meet new friends and greet the old ones. A hobbit always appreciates company from good people.

Thank you.
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I must say I am very pleased with the way the castle is celebrating this season called Christmas. I don't know much about it but I love all the colours and the present giving. Those sweets around the tree look so tasty too! [Yep. Bilbo is like a little kid right now.]

I've heard about this so called kissing plant too. Mistletoe? I've not heard of such a plant, as we don't have anything like that back home. I'm not one for kissing strangers though! It seems all rather....improper and rude to me. [He shrugs, as he looks down at the journal.]

Anyway, I am enjoying the festivities. I just hope nothing bad will come out of this, as I've learnt not to trust the castle and it's games. What does anyone else think of the decorations?
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I don't care who you are, if anyone tries to kiss me, you're getting punched.

Even if you're a girl.

[Oh yes, he's a tough guy. He would have a hard time hitting a girl and he knows it. Damn being a gentleman and mistletoe and being so inexperienced with kissing.

Cloud stalks around the castle, eyeing doorways suspiciously. He probably looks pretty silly. It's just kissing. But he is pretty strict about his personal space.

Finally, he decides to get some fresh air. He'll be wandering aimlessly, his head in his namesake, thinking about the girl he had thought about kissing a thousand times before.

And she isn't even here.

Some luck.]
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[Filtered to Brock]

My name is Bilbo Baggins and I wish to plant some potato and carrot plants within the soil here.

Spike, advised me to speak with you, regarding planting of vegetables within the castle grounds. I spoke with him first and he says that you know a great deal about plants and flowers. Could you perhaps give me some advice in the area? I will be very much grateful. Thank you.

[To everyone]

If anyone knows where the best places to plant both potato and carrot plants within the castle grounds, please contact me. I hope to harvest them for either soup, pie or possible another use. I just wondered if there are any other people within the castle with green fingers, apart from Brock. A man called Spike recommended that I speak with him on the matter. Hobbits love planting vegetables, growing and eating them, so it's only natural for me.
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Room changes? People going missing and leaving without any warning? Are these going to be events which will keep on happening? I must say I was lucky in not having my hobbit hole moved. Thank you very much. I would rather have my home right where it is, thank you. The castle doesn't have any right to move people's home about, as it is not funny in the least. [He'd heard about people spending the night in the castle grounds of all places! Whatever next.]

It's rather worrying, don't you think? What else might happen that we can't stop? I mean- [He paused and sighed. He was thinking about bad things that may not even come to pass. Stop worrying, Bilbo.]

-well, things should just stay the same. [So there.] That aside, does anyone know if there is somewhere I can grow some vegetables? I've been pondering on the idea for some time now. My hobbit hole isn't really the right environment for outside plants and I suppose we're not allowed to plant vegetables in the castle grounds, are we? [A shame.] I'm a keen gardener, so if anyone knows, please let me know.

Thank you.
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[Bilbo isn't his usual chirpy self on the other end of the journal. In fact, he feels rather empty, as he's lost one of his closest friends and family members. The news of Frodo leaving had hit home worse than Bilbo had expected.]

I don't think it will be the same without him. [Bilbo bites into the teacake Frodo left him, in the letter he got.]

We Baggins are meant to stick together and yet, he has gone. I feel like a big hole inside of me has opened up. [Are you being silly, Bilbo? No, he was a good friend and relation.]

I just feel a little lonely right now. I know nothing can bring him back doesn't feel right without Frodo. He was such a kind and wonderful hobbit. [Bilbo sighs and bites into more of the cake. Had the Ring anything to do with it?] I just hope he goes onto somewhere and has a nice life, as all hobbits should. Free of danger and worry. [Tough luck, Bilbo. You have to get a big jewel from a dragon and help a dwarf prince gain his kingdom back.]
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[Thorin's not sure what to think over M leaving...true, they were not particularly close, but he did appreciate the strong woman's opinion and had a great respect for her after the business with the Gentlemen.]

...the bar won't be the same without her running the show...
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[It's early in the morning when the journals burst out with the following.]

Please state the nature of the medi-- [A pause.] Oh, really?! This is getting to be very tiresome!

[A sigh, before this is directed to the journals.]

This is the Emergency Medical Hologram speaking. If someone would be so kind to tell me how long my program was offline this time, I would be grateful.
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[Considering the circumstances, Bofur really doesn't look too surprised or confused to suddenly be walking through the halls of an enormous castle. His head is tilted back so he can better see around; he's not even five feet tall, after all.]

Well bless me. Never seen anyplace this fancy!

[He'll just be roaming the halls and admiring the place with many loud comments made to no one in particular. Later on, perhaps, he'll start to get concerned as to how he actually got here, but for now, he's enjoying himself, journal tucked into his knapsack and a mattock strapped to his back.]
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After recent events involving the certain "Gentlemen", I think everyone deserves some mood cheering somewhat. I'd like to invite anyone who wants to, around my cozy little hobbit hole. You will be most welcome, as I have a variety of cheeses, cakes and wines. Ale too, for a certain dwarf friend. [Yes, that's you, Thorin.]

Thorin, Frodo, Lara? I know you know me, so you'd be welcome at anytime. As for anyone else, who wishes to have a slice of cake and a cup of tea, you are welcome too. [Hobbits are well-known for their kindness.] Well, that's about it I think.
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I know I am not the only one here who was suddenly torn away from loved ones in need. So, it is with a reluctant hand that I write this now; I am not a Dwarf who can easily ask for aid to those who are not of my kind. But the grief is far too much to bear.

How do you deal with this pain?

My sister entrusted her sons to me for the quest to reclaim our homeland, but in their hour of need, this castle ripped me from them. I am told that time stops in our worlds when the castle calls us, and that is of some comfort. But still, it hurts me to think on them. Is the pain of leaving loved ones behind not enough sacrifice for the castle, it must take something else of significant value as well?

It is impossible not to think on them, my nephews may as well be my own sons. They came when I called for help, they are excellent heirs to the Durin line. Therefore, forgetting my world is not an option. But if anyone has any advice on this matter...I am more than willing to hear them out.
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This hasn't happened in the castle for a while, but people are arriving who share faces with other people. It can be very unsettling. Especially if... if one of those faces is someone who was a very unpleasant person. You know these two people aren't the same but you can't help feeling uneasy.

[she's honestly still a little shaken up about it. She's told herself over and over that this is the Doctor, who is a dear friend of hers]

Anyway, I don't know if anybody's read it, but Dr. Saunders wrote a report some years ago detailing this phenomenon.
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[Bilbo thinks of what to say before scratching his quill onto his journal, as he's sitting under the large bows of a tree. He's outside once more, as he finds himself becoming a constant visitor the castle's grounds. The large tree just outside the castle walls is one of his favourite sitting spots. For either writing, reading or just relaxing. He is happy because Thorin has joined him within the castle. Now, he has more people from his own world. Something, this hobbit is pleased about.]

A curious question if you like, regarding the castle and it's choice of who it places inside it's walls. Thorin Oakenshield, my dwarf friend, has recently been brought here by the castle's choice. Did it know that I was thinking of having dwarven company? Or is the selection random? I am wondering if the castle knows what we are thinking all the time.

As if, it knows what I am writing at this very moment and is thinking of ways to sate my thoughts. Does the castle have an intelligence of some kind? I am just curious if anyone else thinks the same thing as me.

Or am I just rambling on like an old hobbit? My father would say I've had too much to drink and my mind starts rabbiting on about useless ideas. If someone thinks about having a friend or family member here, do they suddenly appear? As if by magic? [Bilbo stared at the page of his journal, before looking up at the moving clouds above.]

Well, that's about it. Another ramble by this hobbit and I hope someone can give me some feedback on my curiosity.
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[Ever since Bilbo had arrived at castle Paradisa, he had wanted his room to be as much like home as possible. Because right now, he was sitting inside his room and gazing down at his journal. Over the last few weeks, he had been decorating somewhat, as his room now looked different from what it had been before. It looked like the inside of a well-kept home. A hobbit hole. That was what he had wanted, since arriving to the castle.

The castle granted whatever you wanted so....he decided that he wanted a few changes made. There were teapots on the mantle over the fireplace, books neatly stacked on a bookshelf, there was even a nice well made bed in the corner. This was just what he had always wanted. Not forgetting the small cupboard by the door, which had a number of items of food stored within it. He could do with some company in his newly decorated room, so was calling out for visitors.]

Frodo? Lara? Or anyone who is seeing this...

...I have decorated my room into a more suitable attire for a hobbit. If anyone would like to share a cup of tea with me or a slice of cake, you will be most welcome to.
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[Bilbo was still trying to get used to the idea that the castle was now a school for wizards. Or magic folk as he liked to think of it. He was dressed in his Gryffindor robes, the lion emblazoned on the front of his blazer. Was he Gryffindor material though? He liked to think he was brave, yet he wasn't all that confident with things.

Turning a corner, he realised that he was indeed, lost. He was trying to get to the Library, yet he had come up against another dead end. Why did this school have to be so HUGE? He sighed and held out his wand in front of him. Maybe he could get the wand to do a spell that would aid him? He really had no idea about this.]

You are lost, Bilbo Baggins. Admit it. You have no idea where you are going... [He was hoping that he'd bump into someone else, perhaps a student and ask for directions to the Library.]
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[Bilbo will be staring out of his castle window at the firework display in the city. It was a magnificent sight and reminded him of being back in Bag End with Gandalf's fireworks. They were something else, being created by magic mostly. He sighed and placed his chin on his hands, as his eyes misted over for a few moments.

He tears his eyes away from the sight, as he opens his journal and thinks of what to write. Why was there a celebration within the city? Was it someone's birthday? Or something else entirely? He frowned, before eventually thinking of something.]

I am curious to know why there are fireworks within the city. Is it someone's birthday or something else entirely? I am enjoying watching them, as the colours are spectacular!
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I've been here for about a month now... gotten accustomed to this place, learning the layout of the castle, things like that... Still not quite used to those "events" but I doubt I ever will be.

I think I've vacationed long enough. If I'm not going to be leaving anytime soon, I might as well get a job before I go stir crazy.

I'd prefer a security position. I was in the U.S. Military so it's... kind of all I know. I can do other things but combat, defending, patrolling are where my skills mostly lie. If anyone's hiring, let me know.


[Before he ends the entry, Raiden remembers he should probably introduce himself]

The name's Raiden, by the way.
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Either I can't see tears anymore, or tears just don't exist here. With the reading I've done, it looks like it's likely... the former. It's probably my loss.

I used to be able to open tears, windows into other worlds. Enter them and take things from them, as well. I suppose it makes sense that this place wouldn't allow me to do that. Finding an exit would be all too easy.

[A sigh.]

I was hoping my second entry would be a happier one, for those of you that want to leave.


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