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[Blues had just plugged himself in to recharge as much as his faulty power core would allow for the night. Shortly after the little robot's sleep mode had started up he was quite suddenly ...Transported out of his room and the castle entirely.

There is now a very prone and lifeless form laying out in the grass. A little "door" on his chest hangs open to reveal his mechanical innards. Every now again sparks will start to fly out from some of his parts that have just never quite functioned properly.

Anyone want to try and start him up again?]
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[When the letter from Chie arrived at his door earlier in the day, he thought it was some kind of sick joke that the castle had decided to pull. He left his room and made his way over to where Chie's room was and when he saw that her nameplate was indeed gone, he just stood there and stared for a moment.

Go figure the castle had decided to send the one person that he'd almost admit was his friend home. He couldn't say he was was surprised, he was used to be alone by now.

Before he returned to his room he was sure to leave a big hole the size of his fist in what used to be Chie's door.

When he returned to his room, he opened his journal and spoke in as blunt of a tone as he could.]

For anyone that cares, Chie Satonaka returned to her own world.
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[It's about time Blues spoke up about this.]

If anyone needs any help getting from one place to another in the castle and doesn't want to go alone, I'll be doing escorts when I'm not keeping watch over the library or Caritas.
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[Most people are away on the expedition? That doesn't particularly bug this robot. He generally preferred to keep to himself anyways.

With everyone gone he's decided he's going to clean up a little bit. So you might find this bot in shades in the lobby with... a mop in hand?

Yeah Blues is mopping the floor in the lobby like a boss, he's even whistling a tune while he's at it.]
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[Blues would never admit it, but he had been keeping tabs on Luke. After what he had done to the kid on Event Horizon, he just didn't want to see the kid get hurt again. Today however, he passed by only to see that Luke's nameplate was no longer there.

Hours passed before he finally opened up his journal to say, in a completely casual tone.]

For those who knew him, Luke Triton has returned to where ever he came from.

[Filtered to Luke Triton.]

[And now the hard part, to say something that he'd probably never say to anyone's face.]

...I'm sorry.
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[If anyone were to come into the lobby this morning, they'd find the entire room has been rearranged by a certain machine. To be honest, Blues was bored and decided he wanted to make a race track for a few remote control cars he had built a few months back.

Why didn't he just do it outside? Because he doesn't really care if he's getting in anyone's way, that's why.

He's rearranged all the furniture to serve as obstacles for the cars, and he has even set up a few homemade ramps and jumps to make things a bit more interesting.

Blues is standing in the middle of the lobby, racing a car through the course he had set up to test it out. Feel free to bother him or join in, there's a few more cars and remotes laying on one of the couches.]
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[There's something a little off in Blues' voice when he's heard over the journal this afternoon. He almost sounds a little confused, but also kind of... Cheerful? That certainly was a little out of the ordinary for him.]

Alright Doctor Light, I know the lab wasn't exactly the nicest place around, but I don't think moving into a castle was really in the budget. How did you even get everything up here while I was offline? You know I'm more than capable of moving heavy things from one spot to another.
[There's a pause as he waits for a response, then the sound of heavy footsteps as he looks around before finally stopping at the journal.]

Huh, weird. Has anyone else here seen the Doc? Lab coat, bushy white beard, bit of a mullet?

[OOC: Loss start!]
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[Filtered to anyone with musical talent/people who frequent Death Match.]

I offered to update the music selection on the jukebox in the bar. I thought it might be interesting to add a personal touch to the selection. So I'm looking for anyone who can sing or play an instrument that'd be interested in recording a few tracks to play in the bar.

As for anyone who actually goes to Death Match, any preferences or suggestions in terms of what gets played there?

[End of filter]

[With that said, Blues can be found in Death Match. He's got the jukebox opened up and is tinkering around with the parts in it and switching out old songs for new ones.]
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[Blues had kept himself scarce since the return to the castle, having locked himself away in his room and refusing to actually speak to anyone. It wasn't like he needed to eat or drink anything and well heck being a robot it's not like it would start to smell after awhile. However, he can only spend so long moping around before he feels the need to do something to take his mind off of it.

So he slips out of his room and decides to visit the music room today. He had been practicing with a guitar for a while now and had actually gotten pretty good at it. He doesn't notice his journal has opened up when he starts to play a little tune.

Anyone who actually walks by the music room may see that he hasn't repaired any of the damage from the he received while on the Event Horizon. He's covered in dings and scratches, there's a large dent in one of his cheeks and heck, he hasn't even replaced his cracked sunglasses.

[OOC: Tune can be heard over the journal. Or feel free to actually run into him]
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[It had been a long time since Blues actually had to "sleep" to regain power, but being away from the castle it wasn't like he had the equipment to plug himself into here. So he had found a "safe" enough spot to rest for a couple hours to let his faulty core charge. When his systems started up again he heard a very distinct noise.]

What's that sound?

[A voice immediately responded.]

It's called music my dear boy. This particular kind of music is called the blues, do you like it?

[The robot master was startled to say the least, it had been so long since he last heard that voice. He opened his eyes, which remained hidden behind those pointed sunglasses like always to see this man leaving the room he had been sleeping in.]


[Within an instant Blues is up on his face and chasing after him, but when he turns the corner he see's the "doctor" had somehow made his way all the way down the hall and was turning a corner. Blues quickly gave chase.]

Doctor Light, Wait! Don't... Don't go...

[OOC: Down a hall or anywhere in the ship. Feel free to run into Blues.]
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Filtered to Kara Zor-El )

[Today Blues can be found in the laundry room of all places. He's got a basket with... Just his scarf in it, he doesn't actually own any other clothes. Between cleaning up all the debris in town and being sprayed by an elephant, he felt his trade mark scarf needed a proper cleaning. ...No he didn't count an elephant bath as that, that's gross.

After putting the scarf in the wash, the robot sits up on one of the other machines and starts to whistle a tune. His journal is open in the basket so anyone can hear the whistle alongside the faint sound of the washing machine in the background.]

[OOC open to bother either in person or over the journal.]
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Anyone care to explain where this pile of knitted scarves came from, or why my rooms covered in rust flakes? My internal clock is set a week ahead but it shouldn't have taken more than a few hours for me to sleep and recharge.

...If anyone wants a scarf, you'll find a box of them in the lobby in about ten minutes.

[Not too long after; Blues is carrying a box filled with yellow knitted scarves into the lobby and dropping it smack in the middle.]

[ooc: Off his loss.]
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[Protoman had shut down in the middle of the great escape attempt at Holly Peaks. When his systems came back on line it was easy to see he wasn't still in the retirement home. Had they actually managed to pull it off? His fragmented memory couldn't recall exactly how the event had ended, it was certainly possible. He had his freedom, that was all that mattered.

And what did he do with this freedom? He pulled his old and worn joints out of the room he was in and to the roof of the castle to watch the sun set. He sat against his white oval shield, the sun reflected through the cracked visor of his battered helmet. This felt right.]

As quaint as that place was, I prefer to be able to do as I please.

[ooc: Blues is still Protoman with Altered memories from Holly Peaks, feel free to bother him over journal or in person.]
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[ (Broken) Private Filter]

[There are numerous notes randomly scratched out beyond recognition, but what is there looks like little jotted notes or lyrics.]

I've met the maker, and the man's a liar.

They lost me, forgot me,
Made you from parts of me.
If you're the one--my father's son--
Then what am I supposed to be?
What am I supposed to be?
What am I?

I had a name; my father called me Blues.
[There's a little bit scratched out beyond recognition.]
I'm not broken---I'm not the
[It ends there.]
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[Valentine's day? He had heard of it, but didn't really have any idea what it was about. So, he decided he'd spend the day in the lobby with an E-Tank to see just what the humans did one Valentines day. Unfortunately he wasn't paying attention when someone dropped a couple chocolates into the can. He went to take a drink. He went to drink and knew something was wrong when he heard a clattering down his throat into his power supply, two chocolates to be exact.]

That didn't sound good...

[Blues pops his journal open.]

There was something in my energy tank, I may need someone to help me clean it out.

[OOC: Blues has "consumed" a Hazelnut and a Double Chocolate. So he's either woo you with music or tell you his feels. Feel free to run into him in the lobby or over the journal.]
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Filtered to Kara Zor-El )

[Now that Blues is back in working order he's decided to take a trip to the shooting range. Since he's been able to charge himself up on a regular basis here he hasn't had to worry as much about his core freaking out on him. However, after that last battle he figures knowing what his limitations are may be a good idea. It didn't act up that time, but what's to stop it from happening next time?

So there he is, firing at targets with his cannon arm. His journal is open on the ground beside him, so someone may hear the "pew pew pew" of plasma shots being fired.]
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Filtered to any engineers/mechanics/people with knowledge on robotics. )

[Blues was plugged in and laying down on the work bench in his room. There wasn't much else he could do while missing an arm and a leg, not to mention his leg that was still attached was trashed.

For the most part he kept quiet and contemplated what had happened earlier; he had fought with another machine, while not exactly something new to him, it was the first time against one that seemed to think on the same level as he did. A lot of what happened had left him troubled.

"Well... ehe. You can't possibly think you're the good guy here, mate. Being suspicious of your own kind. This-thisthis wasn't even supposed to happen." Those words in specific kept coming back to him. ]

[OOC: Back dated to after This ]
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[Blues hadn't expected his systems to start up again. He was certain the last time he powered down that it was for good that time. It seemed that was not how things were going to work this time around. Though, he was sure when he had shut down he near the ancient ruins of Lanfront, not a castle. This was interesting, had someone moved him? It would explain why he had powered up again, but why would someone go to all the trouble to move him this far away and then just leave him here.

It didn't make any sense, but just laying on the ground wasn't really helping this. He pulled himself up to his feet and began to walk toward the entrance of the castle. Perhaps he could find who ever had brought him here. Or at least find out just where here is.]

ooc: A scarf clad robot walks into your castle. What do?


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