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[It's pretty early in the day when Sheena's voice comes over the journal--sounding just a little exhausted. Or maybe it's because of the heat.]

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but that room that changes seasons won't open, so there's no way to escape the heat that way. However, I've kinda set up my own version where the pool is.

As some may know [Doctor] I have a little Ice Magic. It's not much, but it's enough to help keep drinks cold and possibly put a chill to the water in the pool.

[She's also put a sheet of ice on a small section of the walls, which, of course, is already melting, but it's cool--she hopes--and headed for the pool.]

So, if you're having trouble in this heat, don't hesitate to come here. Or I'll come get you. I don't mind. [She doesn't want anyone suffering.]

[Private to anyone with Ice Magic]

If anyone's interested in helping, please do. I will owe you one.

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[Sheena's voice is thoughtful as it comes over the journal.]

Shortly after I arrived here, the Castle had put us all into a situation that was a reunion of sorts.

[She's not going to go into too much detail about it because that's not her point.]

While we were in it, we had meals outside--I think someone called them "cookouts". Now, I've done something like that before while traveling back home, but I was wondering...

Would anyone be interested in having a cookout here sometime before the weather changes?

[It might give people a chance to recharge and regroup after the last of the Castle's shenanigans.]
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[Sheena's been splitting her time between staying at the house Lloyd built and the Castle ever since she had learned she can change even the size of her room to accommodate the animals she's also keeping an eye on.

This morning, she's in the Castle tending to those animals when she hears a soft thud against her door. Curious, she opens the door and at first glance, thinks she sees the familiar shape of Duke's Minicoid rolling away and then towards her.

Stooping down, she realizes her mistake and can't quite help a rather startled exclamation echoing through the hallway.]

An egg? What the hell is an egg doing knocking on my door?

[What else would you call rolling into her door repeatedly?]


[Having spotted something attached to the egg, she pulls out her journal.]

Private to Duke )

[Then to the Castle-at-large]

Is anyone else finding strange eggs addressed to them in weird places? I have a pretty good idea where it's from, I'm just wondering if there are others.
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Okay. It seems the castle and everything's back to normal, but is everyone all right?

And has anyone figured out why we were suddenly subjected to an attack of spirals? I don't mean the how... I mean the "why". Because seeing the castle itself affected like that makes me wonder if there's something else we should be worried about.

Like a new enemy.

[Suspicious ninja is suspicious. And on guard.]

Oh, and if anyone has ideas on how to fight dizziness, please let me know.

[She's still having brief spells when she looks at any spirals right now.]

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[Well fellow guests of Paradisa, you're greeted this morning by the sound of a "thud" coming over the journals followed by several panicked-sounding "Spoinks". Sheena's puzzled voice is soon heard, but that quickly changes...]

Hey! I'm awake! I'm awake! Stop bouncing on me! What's wro--

[Several moments of silence follows before she starts speaking, very confused.]

Again? But I didn't go to....

[This is soon followed by a sigh, then some mumbling about the journal and an ah-ha when it's discovered--though there's that note one gets when they realize others have already been listening.]

Good morning, everyone. Sorry if we woke anyone, but I have a question.

[A beat.]

Is there anyone here who has wings?

[Such an innocent question, but there's no mistaking the delight in her voice right now.]

[ooc: Loss Start!]
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[Sheena is sitting in the garden with her Spoink, sketching a certain Truffula tree. Next to her are several more sketches of the sapling in various stages of growth--some with others (the Lorax, Ted, or Once-ler) in the scene. She had come to know just how much this tree means to all three of them and felt it only right that others here--now and in the future--know all about this sapling and what they did to help it survive and grow.

Sighing, she stops her sketching and looks ahead, her eyes slightly unfocused. Two of them have left, and she should be happy for them. And to an extent, she is. Ted's gone home to his friends and family, and the Once-ler... She can't forget what he had told her about being alone for so long until Ted had appeared in his life. No one should have to go through that, and although her friend had made it sound like it hadn't happened (or won't happen), she hopes he's wrong and others had shown up to help ease that solitude.

Setting aside her sketches, she picks up her journal and begins writing, asking a couple of questions that she herself can't really answer. Not anymore.]

If you could remember anything about this place when you go home, would you? Or if you could, knowing what's waiting for you when you get back, would you choose to stay here and leave your world behind?

[ooc: Open for action and responses through the journal.]

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[In everyone's life, no matter how much you try to prepare, timetables get messed up and things end up being delayed. And in Sheena's case, it's the delivering of Christmas presents. She had known she'd be around for the event this year, but somehow, she had still managed to miss the day!

While she tries to figure out how, she's rectifying that situation with a personal delivery of all the presents she had gathered for Danny, Uncle Ashura, Crowley, Spike & Ein, Duke, The Doctor (5), Galadriel, and Once-ler--with the addition of packages of home-made goodies for everyone. With the packages carefully packed into a couple of sacks to carry them, she looks like a purple-clad Santa walking the halls as she either leaves the gifts by peoples' doors (in the case of Galadriel, hopefully without being seen or heard--she's a little intimidated by the woman and the aura of wisdom surrounding her), or hands them to their recipient upon encountering them.

There is, however, one person who's not where she remembers him being, and as she stands in front of a no-longer-booby-trapped door, she pulls out her journal hoping to contact the room's former resident.]


Once-ler? Are you there?

Look in the bag... )

[ooc: Feel free to find her leaving the gifts or run into before she has the chance to. Or reach her over the journal during her wanderings. All the gifts will have a card stating who they're from, except Galadriel's.]
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[Sheena, like a few others, had gone to the Library to check things out about Florence once she had returned to the castle. She had hoped that it hadn't been a real place, just something the castle had imagined on its own.

But it hadn't.

With a sigh, she opens the journal, and those listening will here a soft bouncing sound with an occasional "Spoink" thrown in.]

Why do people use religions as an excuse to do horrible things to people? Aren't they supposed to make people feel better? And wouldn't it be better to accept the differences between them, since they all seem similar to begin with?

[She's silent a moment, the bouncing and "Spoink"-ing growing louder.]

Oh yeah! This has nothing to do with everything else, but an animal that I'm guessing is one of those Pokemon appeared in my room. [With a note saying "From Chie", but Sheena's keeping her feelings about that aside for the moment.]

Does anyone know how to take care of one of these? Like what they eat? It's got a pig's head, a spring on the bottom, and I guess--from what it's saying--it's a "Spoink".

And has anyone seen a Vulpix named Curry? She disappeared about the same time Lloyd and Zelos went home, and I thought she had run away at first, but when she didn't come back and no one mentioned finding her, I'm hoping she had been given to someone.


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[Sheena is not a happy camper when she wakes up not where she had fallen asleep--again. But this time, she's more than just confused by her surroundings. She's also irritated at discovering she's just outside the castle, and not in her room in town.]

Very funny, castle...

[Anyone around can tell her voice is devoid of humor as she continues murmuring obscenities towards the building as she gathers her things and heads towards her room. There's no way she's making the trek back to the house at this time of night, so she may as well face her room and finish sleeping there.

Well, the murmuring stops as she stands outside a door on the third floor for several minutes before whipping out her journal to ask a very important question.]

Has anyone seen my room?

I thought this one was mine, I mean, the room number's right, but it seems to belong to someone named "Rose of Battle".

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[Two weeks. It's been two weeks of silence. A silence that's slowly being broken by a dream. Only it's not a dream. It's a rush of memories. Of final moments of anger and terror. Memories that quickly fade like a dream does in the daylight as the realization that she was feeling--feeling--something beneath her. And over her.

Eyes snapping open, she sits up, gasping and disoriented as she tries to bring the dream back while tightly gripping the blankets of her bed. Her bed. After a moment, she realizes she's in her room at the castle and she's filled with an unexplained dread and fear. Still foggy, she hurries out of bed--throwing her journal to the floor in the process--and stands on wobbly legs, saying the first thing that comes to mind in a rough--though familiar--voice unaware that others can hear it.]

I want a new room.

[After that, she heads out, stopping to turn and look at the bed once more and taking a step back at the feeling of terror that fills her--almost rendering her immobile. But it's the anger that follows it that gets her moving. Something terrible had happened to her--that much she knows--but what, she has no clue. She only knows that whatever it was, it had happened in her room and she really doesn't want to be there right now.

Her stomach tells her where to head and soon, she's in the kitchen, fixing food and dictating into her journal.]

Friends...lend me your ears )

[ooc: Sheena's back! You can talk to her over the journal, or catch her in the kitchen! And like the filter says: if she's spoken to you--either in a world change or not--she considers you a friend.

EDIT: Adding that she doesn't know anything about anyone else being murdered, since she hasn't checked the journal yet, so feel free to tell her!]
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[Sheena's still stunned when she makes this entry, so there's no filter as she makes an announcement she had never expected to make.]

Ummm, for anyone who knows Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder, they are no longer here in Paradisa. But there's no need to worry, because although they'll be missed, both of them are finally away from here and together back home--with Colette and the others.

[Raine, Presea, and Genis. And her, which still baffles her...

And makes her happy and sad at the same time under all the shock keeping her numb right now.]

Thank you to everyone for helping them [and being their friends...]

Action in the Forest )
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[The sound of a crash can be heard over the journals, followed by the sound of Sheena's voice--which seems to be far away, as though the journal had fallen on the floor and popped open.]

Dammit! That's not right! Why can't I get this?

[There's the sound of tapping, and "Ah-ha!" then a frustrated growl. Sounds of what can only be a search are next, then Sheena's voice once more.]

Ah! There you are!

[She clears her throat as she addresses the journal properly--her voice loud, clear, and frustrated.]

Excuse me, this is Sheena and I have a favor to ask of anyone who knows Arithmancy. I know it's an elective course, but I was "encouraged" to take it, and I can't back out now. However, I just can't get the hang of it. If anyone knows their way around this stuff, and can help me, I'll help them in return with a class they're having trouble with.

Thank you.

[She closes the journal, and anyone venturing into the Gryffindor common room will find her staring at her Arithmancy book like it's the enemy.

Someone want to help a poor seventh-year out? Or just talk to get her mind off all those numbers?]

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[Good morning, fellow Paradisans! This morning, you will be treated to several questioning sounds along with many "huhs?" and "whats?" as Sheena looks through the journal while sitting on her bed. Both of which increasing in number and slightly in volume until she finally starts speaking in complete sentences.

Slightly confused, but complete sentences.]

Uh, is everyone all right? I mean, did anything weird happen last night?

[She's under the impression some suffered a strange loss making them think it was different days--while others slept through the night. Still, just to be sure...]

And this is gonna sound like a strange question, but could someone tell me what the date is?

[ooc: Apologies for the delay in posting (RL kicked my butt!), but here she is, waking up on July 3ed and thinking it's June 1st--as well that the castle suffered some strange loss over the past several hours! She has no clue she had been a Daruma Doll, so if anyone wants to tell her--go for it!]

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[With a tired yet satisfied sigh, Sheena climbs into bed and enjoying the breeze coming in the window, grabs her journal to make some notes. Things have been looking up in the past few weeks: people returning and healing, the stories of children--children!--in the journal that make her chuckle, and the rebuilding of the city; all of it had put the ninja in a really good mood and brought a smile to her face.

And although saddened by the discovery that Presea had gone, she's also happy that her friend's home and knows that she'll definitely see her again.

Settling against the pillows, she sets the journal on her lap and opening it, begins to write--inserting suggestions so she'll remember later.]

Notes to Self: )

[Reading over her notes one last time, she closes her journal and looks up at the Daruma Doll on the shelf across from her bed. She tilts her head and smiles as a realization hits her: It's been a while since she's followed this tradition and should again soon. Vowing to have another Doll in this room as soon as possible, she settles into bed and turns off the light before falling into a deep sleep.

One that's deeper than she knows since during the night, a strange thing happens, in the morning, there is another wide-eyed Doll in the room, but with purple-colored eyebrows and in the very spot under the covers Sheena had been the night before.]

Hiatus start! Yes, Sheena is now a Doll! Since the castle likes to move things around, anyone is free to have the Sheena-Doll show up in their room--no permission needed! Members of Symphonia House are free to come in and check on her as well! :D ]

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[Sheena's voice is tired and filled with concern as she dictates into the journal.]

Short but sweet about Spike )

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[During one of the expedition's stops for the night, Sheena finds a quiet place to dictate into her journal, keeping a promise she had made.]

Doctor Muraki, it hurts when I do this... )

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[Sheena sighs as she props her journal on her lap, Yeleurk snoozing beside her. Idly stroking the soft fur, she opens the book and starts speaking.]

Hello. My name's Sheena Fujibayshi, and [oh god, this is hard] I need some help. I broke my leg in the recent earthquake, and... While I've taken some healing items, they don't do a complete job, and I really can't do much to help anyone with it like this.

I was wondering if there was someone with the ability to completely heal the bone and would be willing to help?

[Said in that unsure manner people get when asking for help when they don't want to sound like a douche.]

I'd really appreciate it!

And thanks!

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[Sheena's voice as it comes over the journal is one of not exactly disgust, but perhaps closer to disappointment?]

Uh, I know the castle likes to do these weird changes of a person from time to time, but seriously? I think I liked being a pony better. I mean, come on! I was a cat looking for yarn?! And threatening people for it?!

I'm just glad that there weren't any permanent after-effects.

[She'd hate to go around accosting people for their knitting and crocheting supplies. Aaaaaand, she's not even going to to into waking up curled up like a cat and craving milk.

She does, however, take a deep breath before continuing.]

Hopefully, that's the last time this place does something like that--at least for a while--because I was looking for someone who's familiar with Materia. I found them waiting for me after their owner went home, and though I know a little bit about them, I don't know how to use them.

Is there anyone that does?

[That's as close to asking for help she's going to come, folks.]

[ooc: The Materia were left to her by Reno--her boss. They are Lightning and Cure, but she really has no clue how to use them.]
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[Members of Symphonia House may have noticed some strange behavior from their resident ninja, who had seemed to be keeping pretty much to herself for the past couple of weeks, with barely-spoken and written journal responses being the only proof that she hadn't been sent home. She had gone out to check on Onyx, but had bypassed the front door and left by window, and returned the same way.

Despite her conversation with Colette, the ninja just couldn't bring herself to face her friends--even over meals--but she hadn't wanted to go back to the castle, either, needing a "sense" of their presence around her. So, she had remained in her room, keeping busy reading any journal entry--especially Raine's--about the castle and Paradisa she could find in order to keep from thinking certain thoughts, making the occasional foray into the kitchen for sustenance--both microwaveable and non--then returning to her room as quickly as possible before anyone could wake up and question her.

However, not even Sheena's own bad opinion of herself can keep her outgoing personality down, and it had begun to re-emerge more and more as she responded to more journals (her humor getting the better of her in one--or in this one as she draws humorous pictures of Yeleurk the cat doing cat-things), but she's still not ready to leave her room.

Not without assistance, that is.]

[ooc: Like the title says, the journal is open to replies regarding the pictures or just wanting to talk, and action regarding members of Symphonia house (animal included!)--or others who know where Sheena lives--wanting to drag her out of her room. BTW, Lloyd, she may have had one of your Hot Pockets!]


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