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I am sure this has happened to others, but... it seems there is some change coming to the Castle. We have received gifts - I for one never thought to see this item again, personally, so I am unsure what to make of this. Or the key. 

But at the least, I think we should all think carefully about what we do with these keys. Past experience would suggest there is equal chance of this all being a horrible trick, after all. 
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 [ It is an odd feeling, waking up in a bathtub when you do not remember going there in the first place. An even odder feeling is the realization that you have a bottom half, but it is not quite as you remember - heavier, longer. At the least, Ashura felt warm, so there was that. It made it a bit hard to come fully away though and truly contemplate the fact he was in the bath and his bottom half did not feel right.

When he did finally muster up the energy, though, he almost wished he had not. 

For you see, Ashura's bottom half was now made of a muscular fish tail complete with scales of orange and red, his fins diaphanous and flowing, like silks. The end of it hung out over the edge of his claw foot tub, and after some experimentation Ashura was indeed very sure that it was his lower half and not some odd costume he had been stuffed into. Oh dear.

A glance to the side where a small table sat to keep shampoos, oils, and other things also held his journal. Of course it did. He glanced down at his new body again and sighed. What else could he do? He had no levitation magic - more the pity.

Wet hands grabbed the journal and opened the pages, noting that his hands were now slightly webbed. Shaking his head, dripping water across the pages, he began - ] 

Good morning, everyone. This is Ashura speaking. If it would not be to much trouble, I need someone to come to my aid in my chambers, please. It is... not completely urgent, but I would appreciate haste.

[ In other words, someone please come soon or he might have to try doing something most undignified. ]
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Having partaken of the fruit gifted to us and not having come down with some horrid disease or hallucination, I thought it might be fun to try all the ways one might enjoy these apples. The library was most helpful, and I have commandeered the kitchen for my experiments. If anyone would like, I invite you to come down and try them. I have everything from pies, to tarts, to some sweet candy coating the books have declared a delicious treat when paired with an apple. 

[ His invitation made, Ashura put the journal aside and went to gather himself a plate and partake of his creations. Well, he had not really created them, he had wished them up because Ashura was not really a good hand at things like baking. He had learned, over the years, to make a few small meals for himself, but the delicacy of a pastry was beyond him. But no need to tell anyone, correct?

If anyone stopped in, they would find the main table of the kitchen covered in sweets of all sorts, with apple as the main ingredient, and the king happily munching away with bits of more than one on his plate at a time. He seemed to be favoring the pies, though. ]
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[ All the "spooky" things might be gone, but it does not mean that their effects have quiet left every resident of Paradisa.

Ashura had found himself stricken blind upon his return to the land of the living, and the effect had lingered - stubbornly so. Each night he had gone to bed and hoped in the morning he would wake to colors and light, but all to no avail. He did his best not to let it effect him to much, but it was difficult to go about daily life without a major sense you had always been with. One would think it would be easy to traverse the space between bed and bath without sight, having done it numerous times in the dark and sleepy and other things - but no, it was not. More aware of the darkness, more than anything, he consistently found himself with a hand outstretched, and thought he resembled nothing so much as a toddling child from time to time.

And today was not very different, though he was trying to keep his dignity when it happened. The gardens were lovely things, but he did not know them as well as he thought he did given his current state of physical ability.  He found himself knocking into pots or bumped trees and benches...

And the worst was when he fell into the hedge. He turned what he supposed to be a corner if he remembered right based on the bench he had just paused at to try and get bearings, and instead of turning, he had caught himself on foliage and promptly found himself collapsed into it, silks and all. He huffed, not finding the purchase to get himself up gracefully and slumped, inwardly bemoaning himself.

Hopefully no one came around the corner to see the mess of a king... ]
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[ With the summer snows now gone, Ashura was both much happier and found the perfect opportunity to translate his left over fire flowers. They usually grew on trees, but they could survive for quite awhile simple in water which made them preferred plants for house hold decoration (in controlled quantities of course, there was no sense in destroying them for vanity's sake). 

He was out in the gardens, wishing up a pedestal at one of the intersection of paths, and placed a tiered bowl of water in the center. Carefully, he began to arrange the flowers across the tiers. His journal lay open on the spare space of the pedestal as he worked, never far from him - or anyone, it seemed. ]

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am glad the unseasonable snows are gone. I was almost out of hot chocolate and tea, which would have been disastrous. 

If anyone missed the little festival I held a few weeks ago, I am putting out the remaining flowers in the garden. Please, feel free to take one if you wish, though I advise that keeping it in water will prolong its life a bit more. 
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[ Winter was not Ashura's season. He preferred to stay wrapped up somewhere warm, and if he could have hibernated, he would. That there was an interruption to the heat-soaked bliss that was summer, well, that did not sit well with him, irritated him in fact. It almost felt like this prank was a personal attack on him, though he knew that was foolish. His agitation moved him up the stairs and out into the cold on the roof of the Castle, which seemed to be going against his want to stay warm, but he had reasons.

It was easy enough to use his Talent to melt the snow around him in a large circle, making a damp, but clear space for him to practice. He took a distinct sort of pleasure in melting the snow besides, putting a whole different fire in his belly. 

Ashura spent the next several hours working through the movements of his sword style - dance-like, but precise and deadly when used in combat. That he paired it with flashes of fire - whips, bursts of heat, walls of flame, even claws on his hands, was all part of that same dance. That he had on winter clothing made it a bit harder, but he was glad for the practice in such clothes, just in case something happened turing this little twist the Castle had thrown at them. He would be more surprised if nothing happened than not, though one could hope...

When he had finished, he turned and headed back down into the Castle, his body steaming as the heat from his fire dried out his clothing and hair, moist from the falling snow and the continuous puddle he had been working in. Not at all abnormal, was it? Maybe a little. 

As he walked he brought his journal, for of course it would be there, even if he had not wanted it to be there. ]

I think I shall take tea in the library with a rather large, warm fire if anyone wishes to join me. I could always use new book recommendations.

[ ooc: voice or action, your choice! ]
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Well, the past week was certainly... interesting to say the least. I am sure we can all agree on that.

Which I think means we could all do with a bit of cheering up. I recall a suggestion made by my friend Galadriel, and I decided that this Saturday I would host a small version of a festival in my world, called the Fire-Flower Festival. Two days is not enough to create something very extravagant, but I thought a little wishing in the gardens could make us a grand, small place to enjoy ourselves and not worry to much of anything for awhile. 

Feel free to wear whatever you like, and the Festival itself shall be from sunset until, well, the last of us leaves, I suppose.

[ This is clearly the right and proper response to the undue amount of stress that Castle likes to put them through, right? ]
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[ Ashura's voice comes on over the journals as the last rays of day are turning red and purple covers most of the sky. ]

If anyone is hungry, I've managed to make up a bit of dinner in the kitchens. It is nothing much, but I think it is good enough fair. From the way things have been, we'll need what energy we can get.

[ Let's ignore the fact he very pointedly picked his way through the halls with his sword at his side, and has been in his battle attire since this began. Or at least has not been dressing in his fancier robes. ]

Also, if anyone on the other side is hungry, I am sure we can figure out a way to get some simple things over to you as well.  

[ He knew it was a terribly small thing to offer, but the way things were he wasn't even sure what to expect around the next corner. It was not as exciting as one might hope, certainly not in a good way. 

At the last, he was sitting in the kitchen, sword at his hip, biting into a sandwich and his eyes flicking about the room, watching... ]

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[ For the umpteenth time Ashura lowered his arm and thus his bow, glaring at the dark shaft of his arrow as it buried its head in the grass beyond the target he had set up for himself. It gave him little comfort that he had managed to get some to strike his target. A lucky one had even found the center, if barely. Not that it had happened again, nor had Ashura truly understood how he got it there.

Archery was indeed a different beast from the sword. 

Sighing heavily, he put the bow away and made out to fetch the arrows that had gone beyond his target, having set himself up just beyond the garden. He bent and began to tug them from the ground, like a farmer pulling carrots.

For a minute he considered giving up, but that wasn't in him, and he had set himself the task. He might not ever be a master - in fact, he most surely would not - but he would at least make himself competent enough to hit something with some sense of regularity.

It just might take longer than he expected. And come with more blisters.]

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To all who cared for him, after much searching, I think I can safely say that Thorin Oakenshield has been sent home. Perhaps, in remembrance, you might drink a beat of dwarfish mead in his stead. Hopefully one day we get to see him again - or is that cruel wishing someone back here? I can never quite figure it out. 

[ But there, the announcement was made. Someone had to make it. Maybe someone already had, but he had not been paying attention lately. He was becoming a recluse, he thought, but if so, so be it. Maybe after this many years here he deserved to be a recluse, the lonely king inside the false suite he'd made for himself. 

But after the spirals, being so frightened of them, and now finding someone he had found great comfort in gone... it was to much. He left his suite, wandering the halls, still so new and shiny after their transformation, bare feet padding on stone and sometimes carpet. He wasn't sure where he was heading, just following the path his feet took in a weary way, like someone to far from home and tired of the journey. Wandering. Thinking. Thinking to much inside his head.

Eventually, though, he found himself before a door he knew well, but that he rarely approached. He reached up, knocking on the door, hoping the red headed mage was in. ]

[ ooc: Feel free to stop Ashura as he wanders or respond to his initial announcement! ]
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I think you all know that our friend Castle - as in the man, not our current abode - enjoys doing a sort of betting pool every month. I've never really participated, but I thought I would take in something of the spirit of that and begin a discussion of sorts. You may bet amongst yourselves of course.

You see, for those of you who are new here or do not have this in your world, February is the month of love for many Earth types, and there is this holiday called "Valentine's Day". It is all about hearts and love and chocolate apparently. And for those of you who are new, well, you should know that the Castle enjoys taking such holidays and making up ways to... play with us, for lack of better terms.

I, personally, think that it is going to be something like the mistletoe again, only not with mistletoe. It seems to enjoy us kissing each other, or maybe it will have bespelled candy? 

It's just a few options, but I rather think we should all be ready for a little mischief at least. 
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[ Good afternoon, Paradisa. Today, you might hear yourselves a bit of musical rendition. 

There would be a few tones of someone whistling, and a few seconds after it finished, a bird's sweet little trill followed in the same tones. This would repeat until they had completed a song that bore some resemblance to a children's cantrip, and a clap of hands. ]

Very good! Oh, I have missed your singing voice!

[ There is a little chirp, followed by two different barks, and that seemed the signal for their to be quite a bit of fussing, moving noises, and after a bright chirping, quiet. 

The quiet was caused by Ashura heading out and towards the gardens so that Bacon and Agni could come and play, and on his shoulder, perched  and snuggling up to the fur of his robe, was a beautiful green, yellow, and blue bird. It chirped and twittered, repeating the musical rendition from earlier, Ashura every now and then adding his own whistle to it as he followed his playing pets. ]

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[ Oh, it was that time of year again, was it not? It had been a long time since Ashura had not been attached during this time, and that both daunted him and made him mildly excited. Not that anyone could avoid the kissing mistle toe anyways, so why should one feel guilty? Perhaps he should more fully embrace it this year, though if he was honest with himself he was not one to actively look for kissing partners. If it happened, so be it, if not, well, all the better it saved everyone some embarrassing moments. 

And in his efforts not to let the Castle scare or intimidate him or anything else, Ashura can be found wandering many places through the halls, not wanting to go outside since being a creature of Fire, he and snow or cold were in fact mortal enemies. It meant he spent much of his time before the great fire in the library, curled up with a book - and wasn't the library just rife with those delightful hidden sprigs of mistletoe? Perhaps less than in the halls, the kitchens, or any other room in the Castle, but still.

His other common place to be was out at the onsen, possibly the only reason to brave the cold at all. Oh how he adored this place of steam and heat and just -
bliss. Mistletoe and snow and cold be damned, he would not let it keep him from soaking in as much heat as he possibly could. ]

[ ooc: Open for any and all kisses, basically all over so long as it does not involve a cold place, haha. ]
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Private to Felix Harrowgate )
[ That completed - or not, since so much rested on Felix simply knowing what Ashura meant, but he had not the strength to spell it out in flowery language - the king returned to his book. But, rather than being in his room, he was ensconced in the library, near the fire place, which kept merrily glowing in part thanks to Ashura occasionally feeding it some extra power. 

He was flipping through a large book that detailed Italian Renaissance fashion, art, and court life, and also delved into the religious contexts of the time. One might think he would stay away from such things given what had just happened, but his curiosity had only been piqued. It was an intriguing time, if you discounted the terror instilled by men of the Christian faith. He was sincerely glad it had never appeared in his own time... ]

What an intriguing place Earth always turns out to be when we are made to visit. I think, for the first time, we were sent to a world about as extravagant as I am. I admit I almost miss the dresses I was afforded there, but I much prefer my people's robes. 

[ He is going to politely ignore the atrocities witness and delivered, because sometimes that's what you did. You cut out the bad, remembered the good, and moved on. ]

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[ On some instinctive level, Ashura knew the outfit laid out for him when he woke that morning was more than it seemed. He had not wished for it, and if the Castle had given it, then surely there was another catch to it. He had considered it for a long time as he went about his morning, bathing, feeding his two little pets, and feeding himself. He debated and waffled and spun about in his head, but finally sighed and gave in, one of the ghosts politely helping him put in the hair pieces that somewhat baffled him.

In the end, Ashura was dressed the brightest he and been in a long time. Unlike his normal blacks, reds, and golds, he had on paler colors - light, light violets, touches of icy blue, an off blue-white - it fluttered about him as he walked, trailing even. His hair was left loose behind him save for a single tie at the base of his neck, and into the remaining, floor length hair were secured what looked like long, LED lights. The glowed the pale white-blue of star light, and seemed to leave a small light trail as his hair flowed and waved about his head whenever he moved. 

It was, it seemed, the Castle's attempt at making him a comet, or rather, a falling star.

Not that Ashura quite picked that out yet (and it was a cruel prodding, wasn't it?).

At first he saw no ill effects of this. It simply was. However, he felt the need to move faster when he moved at all, a streak of soft white light down the hall. And like all falling stars, you could wish upon him - wish with you all your might. If he heard it within ear shot, well... he may or may not have the sudden urge to try and grant it.

That was what wishing stars did, after all, wasn't it? ] 
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[ This would come in the early morning, when most people should be up, and about, around. He had spent the wee hours attempting to clean up the mess he had found in Sheena's room, wanting to give her the dignity that the Gentleman had denied her (though Ashura did not know it had been the Gentleman, only that someone or someones had done this). When she had been cleaned, properly dressed, and laid out, only then had he found the strength to open the journal and pen this... ]

Sheena is dead. 

I found her early this morning in her chambers, cut with some sort of sharp instrument. Whoever did this had... no care for what they left behind. I do not know who did it, or why. I cannot say that Sheena had such enemies as to have such a terrible thing fall on her.

I have her resting in the best state I can manage if you wish to pay respects, though I think time might be better spent figuring out whom among us committed such a crime, and bring them to justice. Also, I would advise all to be wary and keep your wits about you. It is likely this could happen again.

[ He had nothing else to say, setting his journal aside and breathing shallowly. So much tragedy... ]
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[ In the journals there will suddenly be a page with a ton of tick marks, marked off in fives. They're all neat, straight lines, one after the other, down the page and across the next. If one bothered to count them all up, they came out to 290 total. 

For a time, there is nothing to accompany the mystery appearance of these neat little tick marks, and then - ]

On paper, it somehow seems both longer and shorter, the measure of a life. 

[ And that, friends, is how Ashura is noting his birthday this year. ]
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Cut for Sad Feelings )

Eventually, his feet stepped off grass and into sand, his robes dragging. The water hissed in his ears, a siren call, but not strong enough, not here, not for this. Another passage to death called his name, and it would wait patiently, he knew. He stopped several feet from the water, gazing at it, and inside he began to release the holds he had on that churning feeling, the emotions to myriad to put to words.

So he burned them.

Fire roared around him, a circle of heat that screamed with the pain and ache he couldn't properly voice. The circle bounded higher and higher, forming a tornado of swirling heat that groaned and howled as it at the air and his magic, flushing his skin. The pale yellow of morning was no more for him, just a single, swirling mass of red, gold, and at his feet white and blue. Above, the tornado shifted, grew higher, taking the form of a bird with its beak spread and screaming in denial and pain.

This continued for many, many minutes, but even Ashura's power and control had limited. The bird leaned forward over the water, falling in a death throw, hissing as it dissolved. With the tornado of flame gone, it revealed Ashura, skin flushed, the edges of his robes crisp, kneeling in a circle of molten glass, his whole body shaking from the expenditure, almost as if he would start seizing. And yet he didn't seem to care. He simply knelt in the circle he had formed about himself, shaking uncontrollably...

[ ooc: This takes place early in the morning, so catch him at the beach or if you want to, you can catch Ashura later returning to the Castle that's fine too. He'll still be shaking and look pale and his clothing crisped at the edges. ]
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[ It had been a sad, quiet few days in the Harrowgate-Ashura suite with the disappearances of Thamuris and Mildmay. He offered his quiet support to his lover, but today, he thought, Felix needed some time to himself. And Ashura could give him that if nothing else. So, today, he decided he would go for a ride, something he had not properly done in far to long and found he longed for. 

So he went to the stables and gathered Svitana, his massive, scaled dragon horse he had raised from a hatchling. 

He trotted his way near the village to stop and pause a moment to pick up a treat for himself and Svitana, which might or might not have caused a stir given the Ashura had not brought the beast down in awhile. He could spy a few children looking at him with wide eyes from a safe distance, which only served to make him smile some more. 

Treats gotten, he fed the meatier snack to Svitana and mounted up (which really just involved jumping onto his back since Svitana had no saddle or blanket, just the simple reigns). Clucking, he made his way out into the woods, slipping into the trees and enjoying the "quiet" that surrounded him, the fresh air and the calm.

He and his mount picked their way through the wound, unconcerned if there might be anyone else there (and most dangerous creatures, if there were any, had sense enough to avoid the dragon horse). He closed his eyes, letting Svitana take him where he would, feeling the energy of the place. And if he startled someone? Well... oops? ]

[ ooc:
 feel free to poke him either at the stables, in the village, or in the woods if you care ]


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