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[There's a muffled groan over the journal, then a rustling noise before a groggy-sounding voice can be heard]

I must have hit my head...

[But no, that's not quite right. There's a sudden flurry of flipping pages, and suddenly he sounds far less groggy and far more alarmed.]

Oh, dear.
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[Things are obviously going all wrong, and while Howl is a consummate coward, even he isn't going to just find someplace to hide while something threatens the castle's residents. He has abilities, and he's going to use them to the best of his abilities.

But he's also not being exactly cautious. Call him overconfident, perhaps, but he's not concerned about his safety. Which is why he's out this evening, by himself, chalk in hand, working his way through the building chalking wards on doorways. There's no way of knowing whether they'll work here, of course, but it's the best he can do without more information]

I'm putting some wards out. No idea how effective they'll be, but at this point, it can't possibly hurt. So don't be alarmed if you find your doorway has some new decorations.
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It's more than a little disconcerting to look back and find oneself rambling on about nonsense--I suppose the castle likes tricks like that. But our little bout of mass amnesia, mercifully short though it was, has piqued my curiosity.

Now, I like to think that, despite the interminably long time I've been here, I haven't let a castle with a mind of its own change who I am. But does everyone feel that way? Can we really even be certain how we feel about these things when they could just as easily be conjured up by this pile of stone and tricky magic? I'm not so sure I like that thought...
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[When one found oneself suddenly transported to a magical castle and no explanation, and one is also possessed of enough curiosity to have already swapped worlds completely once before, there's really not much to be done but go exploring, and that was exactly what Howl was doing.

It had taken awhile to finally stumble across the room with his name on the door--both his false one, and, concealed underneath it (more disconcertingly) his real one.

That's a neat trick, and one he's not sure he likes. Opening the door, it's even more disconcerting. Because it's not his bedroom back in the moving castle, by any means, but it is remarkably like that room. His clutter, his way of stacking things, even his bottles and packets and potions all stacked in the bathroom. A bedroom that was clearly his, but was also clearly not his at all.

It's a little worrying, to put it lightly.]

I'm getting the uneasy feeling this place knows far more about is than any empty building should.

[Maybe he'll get a reply. He's not sure how many people have worked out the apparently bespelled books for themselves. For passers by, though, the door is wide open, giving a good view of a dapper wizard looking rather gobsmacked by everything around him.]
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[Felix greets the journal in a cheerful but attention-demanding voice, not unlike that he would use on his students so many years ago]

Greetings, residents. As many of you are abundantly aware, Paradisa is prone to changing itself frequently. Sometimes for short times, and others, far more permanently. In the interest of keeping even more of our history of being forgotten, my associate Howl and I have compiled a short catalog of the recent changes.

I'm an associate now, am I? How very official sounding.

[Howl sounds vaguely sarcastic, which is probably not the least bit surprising to anyone who's ever tried to hold a conversation with the man]

We may not have caught everything, however. Frankly, there's only so much snooping into things I care to do, so feel free to ply us with any additional information that may be of use.

[Shush Howl, he’s trying to make people take him seriously, and somewhere, Felix gives the other wizard an equally sarcastic leer.]

Well, I’m not sure what else you’d like me to call you. But nomenclature aside, if we have missed anything, feel free to let us know, and we will add it to the record.

[The following is written]

On November 2, 7CRE, the castle towers were sealed shut and all residents living within them and other properties were moved to the central floors. In addition, the number of floors was adjusted down from nine, to six. On March 3, 8CRE, the residents awoke to find further changes to the floor plan.

The rest under the cut... )
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Well, that was a fun bit of déjà vu, wasn't it? Not that I mind an occasional change in the scenery, but I'm not sure we need that on more than a yearly basis.

Looking for a pattern is probably fruitless, but I don't suppose anyone noticed anything different this time around? Other than an apparent desire for out-of-season Christmas cheer...
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I wonder if the Castle has just decided to import objects to terrorize us with now? It must be easier than doing it all on its own. At least it cleaned up after itself this time.

[Because, really. It feels like he just finished cleaning up after that whole spiral mess]

No one got eaten by the lion, I hope.
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Well, that was certainly... interesting.

[Not to mention terrible, and a little horrifying. But he's just going to go with understatement today]

I would avoid Satis tower for awhile, I think. It's going to take a bit to get this all cleaned up.

[But if someone does decided to venture up to Chimera HQ, they're going to find one very dapper wizard on his hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water, trying to scrub up all the chalk]
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[There's no real preamble to the message, just a tapping of a pen, or finger, or something, against the page before Howl speaks]

I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet, so I might as well. Anyone looking for the resident gathering of wizards will find us in the Satis tower now, all the way up at the top. While I quite like the view, there are quite a few stairs. I may have to set up a shortcut again, if the castle is quite done rearranging itself. I suppose it decided we were better off isolated.

And speaking of the castle, and by extension, the city, has anyone made a list of all the changes? There seems to be quite a few, but I can't claim to have a perfect memory of what was there before, so I'm sure I've missed a few thing. Perhaps we should all band together and take inventory, as it were. Thoughts?
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[There is the definite sound of someone yawning over the journal, as well as pages flipping, apparently from some other book]

I seem to need more tea...

[And then the soft tap of a pen]

I can't be the only one who's noticed the whole town seems to be asleep. I know we live in a fairytale castle, but this really seems to be a bit much. Has anyone come across anything like it before?
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[There's the pop and sizzle of something cooking in a frying pan, though at least the journal seems far enough away to not be spattered in the grease of whatever is merrily cooking away]

First our ever esteemed castle manipulates me into cleaning for days, and then it goes about turning my room into some weird fantasy version of itself for a romantic holiday. It's all back to the way I like it, but now I'm concerned that one of you out there will have some holiday where you nail everything to the ceiling in the worship of some deity, and we'll all be sleeping on bare floor. Try not to encourage the place, if you do, I'm quite tired of having everything rearranged.

[There's a pause, and a muffled bit of grumbling as the cooking noises stop]

Anyone fancy a bacon sandwich? I seem to have made too much.

[Open over the journal/in person in the kitchen]
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I understand the castle likes to give us gifts as a token of the season, but if it's going to toss my old wardrobe at me, it could, at the very least, make sure it's not in pieces when it does so.

Because that's less a gift and more using my closet as an inter-dimensional rubbish heap.

[Of course, anyone who's seen his room might wonder how he'd even notice.]
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Oh, this is very clever.

[And the level of sarcasm in that statement could take down an elephant]

I suppose this is my punishment for not leaving well enough alone? Point taken. I'll stop meddling. Now if you could just make me resemble the housekeeping staff a little less, I'd be grateful.

[There's a pause, and then a muffled curse as he realizes that was public]

I suppose pleading with vaguely malevolent magic castles doesn't work, does it?
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I don't suppose any of you did anything very stupid and very magical this morning?

[For once, Howl actually sounds shaken by something]

I think the castle's a bit unhappy.

[There is the distinct sound of things rattling around followed by a crash]

Definitely unhappy.
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Certainly glad that's over, hm?

[If his usual casual manner sounds a bit forced, well. It's hard to be cheerful when you feel like you failed to protect someone properly]

I'll be in the library, tidying up. It's a bit of a mess in there.
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[There's some horrible chicken-scratch in the journal. It might be easier to read if you squint. Or turn it sideways. Or maybe upside down.]

Well, someone's having a bit of fun at our expense [expanse?]. It could be the castle, or it might be someone else mucking [mocking? mimicking?] about with things they shouldn't. Either way, I'll be up in the library looking for a way to fix it before the townspeople [tower? towtruck? torrential?] riot. You can thank me later.
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[Filtered away from First Gens, etc.]

I was wondering how long this lull was going to last. Not long, it seems, though I can't say I'm surprised.

I'd say have fun on your trip, but I'm sure we all know how silly that sentiment would be.

[And if Howl sounds terribly bored by it all, it's because he's trying very hard to. No gallivanting off for him, even if he weren't an irredeemable coward]
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[There's a bit of clanging metal and what might be muffled cursing as the journal starts recording, and after a moment, a black smudge appears on the page as Howl picks up the journal. Anyone out on the lawn would see the wizard wrestling sheets of corrugated metal and other odd bits into a sort of a teepee shape, with no apparent regard for how messy he was getting in the process]

Well, that was fun, but I'm grateful to be back. I wonder how long we'll be allowed to continue uninterrupted before we're whisked away again. These little vacations are becoming rather frequent.

[And then he's apparently back to knocking things over, or whatever it is he's doing out there with chunks of construction materials]
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You know, I don't mind a change of scenery now and again, especially when it's as entertaining as this one has been so far...

[He has sort of missed television, even if he can't understand a word of it, and Tokyo fashion is right up his ally, really]

But I do wish I could keep my magic intact. Do you have any idea how long it takes to do one's hair the old-fashioned way?

[Hello, Aquanet, goodbye ozone layer]

Anyone care to go shopping?
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Friends and Acquaintances of Clow Reed )

That aside, how has everyone fared with their brief flirtations with parenthood? Glad to see the little joys gone? I can't pretend I'm not glad I was spared the castle's generosity, myself. Too much bother, really. I suppose some must enjoy it, though.


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