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twenty-four meatbuns -written-

Why did we go to a kamp agin? We did that alredy!

But now every one was famly, so I gess it was diffrent. I kinda liked it but it was reel hard to remeber who was part of what famly. I got reel confusd!

I think all of Parasdissa is like a big famly, tho. We kids shuld play more!

I'm gona build a pilow casle in the loby later and all kids shuld come and play togeder. I think that wuld make us all happyer.

I'm riting this be cuz I havnt done it in a long time and Konzen will yel if I dont study.
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twenty-three meatbuns -dictated-

[A certain monkey has spent the weekend in bed with a headache and stomach pain due to the wishing he's done. Books, paint, Konzen's desk... food. He's done his fair share of wishing over the year.]

...I didn't know people could get sick from the wishin'. I'm never wishin' again!

This is stupid. The castle should say that we were wishin' too much instead of making ya ill.

[Because he feels too icky to play and is too conscious to not be bored.]
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twenty-two meatbuns -dictated-

Strawberries are the best! Especially a whole field!

...that camp would have been so much funner if it wasn't for all the fightin' an' stuff. Why does that always happen?

Everyone's alright, right? Nobody died again?

I kinda wanted to go canoing but I can't swim good so they wouldn't let me. How d'ya learn to swim? Can anyone teach me?

[He doubts Konzen can.]

Oh! Since those guys were half-goat, I made a whole-goat t'join 'em!

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twenty-one meatbuns -dictated-

I don't wanna be in this stupid cabin, or this stupid camp, or a stupid anything. I wanna be with Konzen! He's a real god, not some stupid person that likes goatpeople!

Yer stupid, castle! I hate ya! I would punch ya in the balls if ya had any!

[...he will be ranting for a while. Someone is upset and pissed off to being carted off to Demeter. Feel free to run into angry monkey.]
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twenty meatbuns -dictated-

I'm so happy that people are back an' safe! Cuz ya all gotta come and say hi t'Konzen! He finally got here!

[He sounds overly cheery, even if the pain from the Doctor's disappearance still hurt inside the little sage.]

He's a god an' he's the greatest person ever! I didn't now before but he's like a dad an' a partner an' all kinds of good things. Even if he yells sometimes.
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nineteen meatbuns -dictated-

[With all this fairy tail stuff going on, the only thing Goku got out of it was;]

I thought a Golden Egg was where babies came from. Like, when two people love each other real much an' they stay a real long time together, a Golden Egg falls from Heaven an' there's a baby in it.

That's what Ten-chan's story book said.


There's a lotta kids in the Castle. D'ya all wanna play some time? Ken said we could play soccer, an' I would like t'know what that is.
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eighteen meatbuns -written-

I made mor drawins!

Cut for more kid drawings! )

[Switching to voice (thank god)]

Those round things girls got are real hard t'draw. T'Merciful Goddess had 'em too and ya could see them all t'time. Girls hide 'em here, but I think that's cuz t'Merciful Goddess is special.

I've made so many friends in t'castle! I was gonna draw all of 'em but I dunno what everyone looks like. I tried drawin' Pillow too, but... I think he ate it.
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seventeen meatbuns -dictated-

I got all these monkey poky-mons and they're awesome! It's so funny that they keep saying their names all the time. If I was a poky-mon I'd say 'Goku' all the time!

Chim! Chimchar!

That's Chimchar. His butt is on fire!

[So much giggles. What, he's a kid.]

Filtered from Apollo and The Midnighter )
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sixteen meatbuns -dictated-

H-hey guys, what day is it? I... don't remember the last week.

Did I do something bad again?

N-Nora, Apollo... did I hurt anyone? Please tell me! I didn't mean to, I promise...
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fifteen meatbuns -dictated/action-

[Good evening, castle!

I hope you are not sleeping yet, because there's a huge wakeup call for those who can sense supernatural energy. It pretty much just exploded from the sixth floor, taking out a certain monkey's door.

...then there is a shrill cry over the journals, like the mix of a child and the yowl of an animal.

If you happen to stop by Goku's room, there's a tiny creature in the boy's bed, surrounded by what used to be his golden circlet and clothes. At a closer inspection it seems to be an infant, but it is clearly not human. With long, pointed ears, clawed fingers and toes and large golden eyes with slitted pupils, the baby looks more like a feral elf. A large tattoo is visible on his stomach, shaped like a stylized sun, and the little near-god seems very upset.]
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fourteen meatbuns -dictated-

Alphonse an' I was gonna play today but I can't find him. Maybe he's in the library?

Do any of ya guys wanna play instead? I know a fun one... if I say a word, ya gotta say 'nother word that ya think of when ya hear it, an' then I gotta do the same. So if I say apple an' ya say red, I'd say rose... an' ya gotta go on until ya can't think of anythin'.

I'll start!

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thirteen meatbuns -dictated-

I've been here for a real long time now. I'm kinda scared that I'm never gonna go back home an' I'll forget all about Konzen an' Ten-chan an' Ken-nii-san.

[Totally not prompted by the fact that Al got his brother to appear so quickly.]

...at the same time I don't wanna go home 'cuz I met people here that I really like. It ain't fair.

Would ya go home if ya could?